In looking forward to 2016, I believe our intentions should have to do with altering the lens through which we view our life and ourselves. It is so important to experience and view life through the eyes of love and not fear. It is equally as important to see yourself through the lens of love and forgiveness. This will help us all become better people and, in turn, better parents.

I blogged about parenting from fear in October and it is something I have to work on daily. We have been so programmed to look at life through the lens of fear that it becomes our default. And, for some, that’s what comes naturally. We have to work at shifting from fear to love. This shift will help to maintain our well-being, which is important for our mental health and our physical health. Remaining mentally healthy and practicing self-love takes work too. Here are a few ways to make the shift:

1. Don’t watch the news or read the newspaper. This can trigger your fear response because there is nothing positive on the news or in the paper. Eliminating these two things can make a big difference.
2. Stop reading gossip magazines. I listened to Dr. Christiane Northrup talk about how to create a joy-filled life a few months ago and she talked about this. The bottom line is, gossip magazines are just that; gossip. And getting enjoyment out of reading gossip about others doesn’t say a whole lot about us as a culture.
3. Don’t watch violent or scary movies. Some people are extremely affected by things they read, see and watch. When you watch movies with lots of killing or violence, it can stick with you. Cutting the movies and TV shows out that elicit a negative response in you is a good place to start.
4. Keep a gratitude journal. A good way to shift fear-based thinking is to focus on all the things we have and are thankful for. I got an app on my phone (gratitude 365, and it’s free!) where you write down, everyday, the things you are grateful for.
5. Meditation-Quieting your mind makes it easier for this shift to truly take place. You have to find what works for you, which can take a little trial and error. Experiment with different guided meditations. Try mediations that only contain music. Or see if just sitting quietly works for you.
6. Reiki- Reiki is a healing energy that uses a simple hands-on method with the goal of improving the flow of life energy in a person. It is very relaxing and stress reducing. You can find circles that are led by trained practitioners for a nominal donation. Or you can get private sessions that cost a bit more.
7. Start an exercise routine. I always looked at exercise as having one purpose; to lose weight. While exercise is definitely a part of losing weight, it has many other benefits for your body and mind. It helps reduce stress, improves mood and how you feel about yourself, improves your immune system, strengthens muscles and bones, and improves your skin. Exercise is an important component in our physical health as well as our mental health. You should notice a marked improvement in these areas if you commit to a regular exercise routine. You will most likely have more energy too. When our overall well-being improves, we are better equipped to deal with and handle stress.

These small changes can help shift your mind-set from fear and lack, to love and abundance. They help change that lens from which you view the world. When you can also change the lens through which you view yourself, you can be transformed. Love can be the impetus to health, happiness and joy.

I wish you all an amazing 2016 full of peace, health and abundance.

Author's Bio: 

Meghan Phillips, L-MSW is a school social worker in an elementary school where she works with kids ages 5 to 11 and their parents. Meghan is currently writing a book about how parents can make small shifts in parenting that will help children to become in-tune with their authentic selves and live in alignment with their true purpose and desires. Meghan lives on Eastern Long Island, NY with her new husband, Dan, and two children, Maura 12 and Nolan 10. Visit her website and blog: