Film production studios have been established all around the world. The history of movies cannot really be defined, but the breakthrough of the movie industry into limelight can be related to public screening of short films by the Lumiere brothers. Although the early screening and cinematography did not have the momentum to move the Lumiere into a world success, it however became the beginning of what we have today.

Earlier movies or old movies were produced in black and white. They had a duration of about a minute with no recorded sound and a single shot from a steady camera. Changes made led to a growth in the cinematic language over the years. Several shots could be taken with movements of the camera, field size and other techniques can now be applied.

The special effect was added to movies to make them more magical and appealing to the viewers. These were impossible and impractical to perform on theatre stage. More improvements were made which lead to the increased in the length of time. A 60-minute film was produced with the sound synchronised. Sound synchronisation, colour, 3D formats and more are available today.

Heartland, a family drama television series,had its first debut on October 14,2007. It is a Canadian series based on a book series titled heartland by Lauren Brooke. Heartland has the record of the longest-running one-hour drama in the Canadian television history compared to the series Street Legal in 2015.

Heartland Season 12 DVD is a new season of the series Heartland. New because it’s a 2019 release season. Heartland happens to be one of the top family shows yet. This series is one most families religiously follow. One teenager commented about the series saying he has been following since age 4 and that he could recommend it to others if asked to do so.

Unlike other series which dealt on politics, drugs, sexism and more, which parents would keep away from children under a certain age.This series could be watched and understood by teenagers. However, parents had to watch along with their kids for the utmost protection and entertainment. Currently, the producers of heartland are working on a season 13 of the series.

Lifetime movies formally referred to as Lifetime movies network airs various movies and exclusive shows. Some of the shows aired are targeted at women. The network is an American pay television network which is owned by A & E networks. They have a broad customer base. About 70% of Americans who possess a television are partof this fan base.

The network has built its reputation overtime and has capitalised on the advantages of modern technology available. The company also engaged in digital distribution.

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