You would be amazed at how many of us lack self confidence and actually have quite a low opinion of ourselves, believing that we are incapable of achieving any success, and so willingly bend to other peoples' will to keep them happy, rather than ourselves.

There is usually no valid reason for this other than it's something we've grown up with and got used to from an early age. There are various reasons for this, possibly ranging from being bullied as a child, to just "going with the flow" for a supposedly easier life. Meaning there's no "physical" reason, just our acquired "mental attitude" to life.

Many people don't even recognize the problem, but, as you are reading this, you obviously aren't one of them! So... How do you improve your self esteem and confidence?

First of all, you must realize that it won't happen overnight, but gradually, by learning to adjust your way of thinking, it will soon become second nature to you, and "doors" previously firmly closed to you will burst wide open!

Now, let's get started...

1: Try to think more positively about yourself... for example, if you don't think you're particularly "pretty" or "handsome", you may be friendly, generous, clever, etc. Try not to focus on any perceived "negative" aspect of yourself, and always counter with a "positive". Also don't forget that a "negative" may be something you can improve...

2: Don't expect to be perfect all the time... If you can do something reasonably well, realize that you might do it better next time, or with more practice. Setting yourself overly high standards is a common reason for low self esteem.

3: Don't be frightened of making mistakes... It's what makes you human. In fact, you will find that the few people that appear to be "perfect" and "error free" are often viewed with suspicion and even resentment by their peers.

4: Experiment, try new things... The reason you may feel "no good" at anything might be because you haven't tried anything yet... Or at least, something you could be "good at". Again, "fear of making mistakes" often prevents us from achieving anything.

5: Don't worry about things you can't change... If you're only 4feet 10ins tall, or only have one leg... don't fret about it, you can't change it, so focus on your superior limbo dancing skills, or wonderful hopping ability! I'm joking, but you get the idea... Learn to turn a disadvantage into your advantage.

6: Lighten up! Remember your sense of humor... enjoy yourself. You don't have to be the "office clown", but if you make a fool of yourself once in a while... So what? Not many would hold it against you.

7: Get out and do some exercise... Great for your health and general feeling of "wellbeing". You don't have to run a marathon, but go for walks or take up a sport... You never know, you might be good at it, just think how that will improve your self esteem and confidence!

Obviously, there is a lot more to improving your self esteem than I can cover here, as I said before, it's not an "overnight" process and will be harder for some than others... Everyone is different, and so require different levels of help, but remember that confidence is achievable by everyone.

Hopefully these few tips will help you start building your confidence and self esteem, and you will want to take it further and continue your journey to self improvement... You won't regret it!

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