I was recently at the circus. The ring-master bellowed a terrific introduction for the next act - A man with lightning fast hands.

He started by juggling 3 balls, then 4, then 5... The crowd seemed suitably impressed and responded with enthusiastic applause. 6 balls, 7 balls... Amazing!

He threw each one higher and higher into the air. With his head tilted skywards he seemed to be able to keep track of them all. His busy little feet shuffled this way and that, and his hands, well yes they were fast.

8 balls... 9 balls... What skill, what a master. He made it look easy. The crowd rose to their feet as he bowed and the tent filled with whistles and cheers.

Me? I wasn't that impressed. I wanted to invite the juggler to my house to see me in action.

Getting the kids out of bed and fed, into uniforms, packing lunches, checking homework, organizing sport pick-ups, field-trip permissions, weekend sleep-overs, movie tickets, washing, cleaning, dinner, the cat... not to mention my partner! That all takes real skill. That juggler could stand in my kitchen each morning and give me an ovation!

Juggling all of the variables in life is demanding. But I wondered why at the end of some days I feel drained and exhausted, and on other I am proud of my efforts and excited by all the possibilities of tomorrow.

Where does that difference come from? When I have to deal with the same things each day - why are some days better than others?

I have found that it all comes from inner-balance. If you are balanced on the inside, life is more balanced around you. You can juggle the same number of balls, but do it with ease.

Now inner balance isn't a pill or a potion, fad diet or exercise program. It's not only available to those without stressful jobs, financial concerns, time constraints or screaming kids.

Inner balance can be achieved by everybody by just taking a few moments to stop... and look within.

And the easiest way to get the best results is to listen to a short guided meditation designed for inner balance. All you have to do is listen to the voice of the guide and follow along in your mind. As simple as it seems, taking notice of three deep breaths can fill you with energy. Focusing on each body part as the guide mentions it will relax your muscles and rid you of built-up stress. Listening to a simple visualization can free your mind of problems and give perspective to your concerns.

In just ten minutes you will be refreshed and recharged. You will be happier and healthier. You will be able to take center stage and juggle nine balls as the crowd cheers your name.

If you have never tried a guided meditation... Why?
You will be better for it. You will feel great. You will have inner balance. And you will be better prepared to view your life as the fun adventure that it can be.

Give yourself the opportunity for more great days! Download a Free Guided Meditation today.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Nigel Coates. I developed my passion for Guided Meditation on seeing the immense benefits it gave to my clients. As a Remedial Massage therapist and Healing facilitator I started incorporating visualizations to simultaneously work on emotional and mental elements as well as physical conditions.

I would like to give everybody the chance to experience an Inner Balance Guided Meditation and have posted a Free Guided Meditation MP3 download on my Explore Meditation website. http://www.exploremeditation.com