There are many benefits to following feng shui guidelines in your home. One of the most important advantages is the way it can actually help you improve your overall level of health. There are numerous ways that feng shui can be used to benefit overall health and vitality.

Reduce Stress with Feng Shui
Clutter can be very disruptive, causing stress in an otherwise happy life. Studies have shown that exposure to even low levels of stress on a regular basis can be disruptive to a person's good health. By reducing clutter, not only will you be improving the flow of positive energy within the home, but you will also make it much easier to find things, thus reducing frustration and stress.

Besides reducing clutter, there are many other ways that feng shui can be utilized in order to create a calming environment. Adding a small water feature to your living space will add tranquility to your home, since the sound of falling water is relaxing. Choosing calming colors such as light green, blue and earthy neutral shades can also be a good way of increasing your home's level of tranquility. Choose colors that make you feel happy and peaceful. You should also keep broken items out of your home, since these items could lead to negative health issues.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep
Sleep deprivation can be very detrimental to one's overall level of health. If you are having trouble sleeping, chances are you are not using good feng shui practices in the bedroom. Try positioning your bedroom near the back of the house, as this will allow the rest of your home to buffer excessive levels of energy before it reaches the bedroom, creating a calmer environment in which to sleep. Place the head of your bed in a position that will allow you to see anybody entering the bedroom. You should also keep mirrors out of the bedroom, or at least cover them at night. Electronics in the bedroom, such as a television set, also tend to drain your personal level of energy. Electric clocks and radios on the nightstand can also be a bad idea. However, playing CD recording of the sounds of nature can often add to the tranquility of the space. Be sure that any nature CD you choose features authentic nature sounds, and not electronically simulated sounds. Good colors for the bedroom that will encourage restful sleep include light blue, light green and lavender.

Let Fresh Air into Your Home
Fresh air can definitely be conducive to good health. Leave your windows open as much as possible to let in fresh air, plenty of sunlight, and positive energy. During the winter months and on dark days, use full spectrum electric bulbs to simulate the healthful effects of sunlight. Dimmer switches on lights can also be helpful, so that you can utilize bright levels of energizing light when only when appropriate. These switches will then allow you to dim the lights when you wish to create a calming environment.

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