Many forex traders struggle with finding a solid method that is both adaptable to changing market conditions yet consistently brings positive results. There is a ton of information on the internet about various ways to trade the forex market and even more so called “gurus” trying to sell you an overly complicated black box system for an outrageous price. If the system or method you are thinking about taking up seems overly complicated or involves a number of lagging indicators than it probably is not worth your time. The big secret about forex trading is that your method does not need to be complicated or difficult to implement. You just need a simple yet effective method to make sense out of price movement and allow you’re self to take advantage of big moves.

Price action analysis works especially well in the forex market due to its staggering daily volumes and round the clock hours. Learning how to effectively analyze price movement and locate specific profitable price setups will give you the ability to profit in any market condition. Price action analysis is the foot print of money, these footprints more often than not will get us looking in the general direction the market is headed. Having a clean pure price chart with no indicators will do wonders for your stress and emotional levels. Traders need to do everything within their power to remain calm and collected while trading the forex market, using price action analysis as your trading method will certainly contribute to this necessity.

If you are new to price action analysis and haven’t tried trading off a pure price chart before than you are in for a big awakening. Once you develop a keen eye for a few specific price action setups you will wonder how you ever traded with any other method. It only makes logical sense to use price data to make your trading decisions. Getting caught up using indicators and over-analyzing economic reports is a loser’s game. The forex market is driven off trader psychology, just like all markets are. Sure economic reports provide the catalyst for movement, but often times the market reacts opposite to what the report would suggest. The bottom line is that all you really need, method wise, to trade forex effectively is the data that any raw price chart already supplies to you.

Using price action analysis as your trading method will bring clarity and peace of mind to your forex endeavors. This will have a direct effect on your bottom line by keeping you in a more stable emotional state while trading forex. Psychology is probably the most important factor in long-term forex success, having an effective yet uncomplicated and highly adaptable trading method is one of the biggest things you can do to directly influence you trading psychology. Price action analysis is one of the few methods that fit into the classification of simple, effective, and adaptable, learning how to spot reliable price action setups is one of the best changes you can make to your trading plan.

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Nial Fuller is a Respected Trader and Forex Coach. He runs a Forex Training and Education Website, Visit his site here Learn to trade using Price Action