Have you ever utilized the power of positive affirmations?

Some say you can reach any goal, including improving your sex life, with positive thinking. Though we believe some things are out of reach no matter what you do, positive affirmations can help you with what is within reach.

After years of empirical research, we believe all areas of life, including your sex life, are greatly impacted by your present and past life experiences. Your personal timing and destiny (the same thing as fate) reflects your past and present.

The good news is that although a lot in your life is predestined, you have free will to make the most of your destiny with your thoughts, within the boundaries of your fate.

If you’d like to improve your sex life, you can use affirmations to your advantage.

However, it’s helpful to first realize that thoughts are affected by beliefs, and everyone’s beliefs of sex are tainted by two major influences:

1) Subconscious past life memories of bad experiences with sex

2) Society’s oppressive view that sex, unless within a marriage, is dirty or wrong

Once you acknowledge these influences, they’re easier to overcome or at least work around.

Below are 39 magic affirmations for incredible sex. Pick one and focus on it for a week or more. Then try another. Your subconscious mind will accept them if you repeat them often enough.

Note: subliminal MP3s or affirmations work whether you use “you” or “I.” But, ”you” can be more effective if you are skeptical or don’t yet believe the affirmations, and ”I” can work better if you don’t like following direction. Repetition will help conquer either hurdle.

Note: We are advocates of safe sex, especially if you are single or aren’t 100% certain your partner is always 100% faithful, and recommend this important affirmation: My health is important, thus safe sex is required for me.

1) I am passionate about expanding my sexual knowledge.

2) The immense universe of sexual pleasure is mine to explore.

3) I have the capability to become an incredible lover.

4) It’s a turn-on to bring pleasure to my partner.

5) I choose to focus on sexual pleasure instead of specific acts.

6) I enjoy sexual spontaneity and creativity

7) I love my body and the ways it brings my partner and me pleasure.

8) I enjoy sex more when I relax and connect with my body.

9) I forget about having to perform and instead focus on what feels good.

10) I’m confident I can bring out the best in my partner and myself.

11) I let go of comparisons and focus on the pleasure in my body and being present.

12) I enjoy the moment and release expectations.

13) I savor the euphoric feeling of letting go.

14) I have more control when I’m present in my body.

15) Exploring a partner’s pleasure gives me great pleasure.

16) I slow down and relish every moment of sexual pleasure.

17) I’m letting go of the past and discovering the ecstasy of being a confident and sexual person.

18) It’s okay to express my feelings.

19) I’m choosing to create a satisfying sex life.

20) I love to communicate with my partner about what turns us on.

21) I enjoy experimenting with what my partner wants.

22) I forget about performing and savor the pleasure of being with my partner.

23) I respect myself as I enjoy every moment of sexual exploration.

24) I open to the sexual flow with my partner.

25) Sexual pleasure is my prerogative and I’m ready to go for it.

26) I now perceive sex as a healing, natural, and caring act.

27) I am responsible for my orgasm.

28) I feel more sexual pleasure when I let go.

29) My vulnerability is part of my power.

30) I breathe, relax and open to pleasure.

31) As I accept myself more, I become more desirable and attractive.

32) My body is the ultimate pleasure temple.

33) I’m feeling the power of my sexual glow.

34) I’m letting go and letting my sexual energy flow.

35) I’m honest and direct and communicate what I need.

36) I’m saying yes to sexual pleasure.

37) Great sex is important for my health and well-being.

38) My sexual desire is healthy and natural.

39) Exploring my sexual pleasure is my right.

Now that you’re aware how your thoughts impact your reality, you can use these affirmations for incredible sex.

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