Every child is born creative. Each and every child is blessed with a set of unique skills and talents which only require to be polished. We need to identify their talent and interests and help them work towards it. Each and every child, and adult, has a spark of creativity. We just need to awaken it. Every time children create something new, it is a result of their observation, understanding and expression of their surroundings.

We as parents and teachers are in a unique position to foster or hamper their growth up to a certain point. Every child puts in their best but their success depends on the support and understanding of the parents and on the school environment. Do we encourage their creativity? Do we ask the right questions? What did you like about the activity? What were your feelings while engaged in the activity? What did you discover about yourself? Is there anything you need from me?

Today with cut backs in schools and discretionary funds for lessons it seems we need to hone in on what is really important and unique to our children. We should watch for clues. What type of activity seems to make them smile? Notice when they have an aptitude as well as the patience to explore something new. For example, if their interest is in music, provide opportunities or lessons if you can. Find someone to share lessons or barter for their expertise. It may seem like a hardship but what it can do to develop your child’s self esteem is priceless. It can influence many of their choices later in life.

I remember my son decided he wanted to play violin in first grade. I dreaded those practice sessions. He was terrible at it, but he loved it. It sparked a lifelong interest and love of music. Later on he took up the saxophone and was in a jazz band and a marching band in high school. I don’t believe we should force our children to take up any activity which is not their own choice. If their interest is in music or drama and we force them into sports, the child will lose both. I do believe in encouraging them to try something new. But if they don’t like it, let it go.

It is the parents’ responsibility to help their children identify and nurture their unique form of expression. It can be dance, the visual arts, music, cooking or gardening. I believe we need to work and play with our children. We need to encourage them to see with all their senses. It may mean you need to take a sensory walk with your kids.

Take them to concert or a ballet. There are workbooks and on line craft/visual arts activities that you can explore together as a family. Give your children an opportunity to express themselves through images not necessarily through words. Give them the space and the materials to explore, play and soar. Let your children know that there are infinite possibilities and more colors beyond the rainbow.

Author's Bio: 

Rae Luskin, a Chicago artist, teacher, activist and the author of ART FROM MY HEART, is a leader in using creative expression to foster self-worth, resilience, healing and social change. If you want to find my traditional biography go to the about me page at www.raeluskin.net