It is an accepted fact that positive thinking leads to success, whereas the opposite is almost a guarantee of failure. There is also much evidence that positive thinking contributes to good health, a boosted immune system and can even make the difference in surviving or expiring when a serious illness does occur.

One well-known quote from Winston Churchill states, “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity while the optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” By projecting positive energy and using it in your everyday life, you will soon reap the benefits of this age old theory.

The Burdensome Effect

If you imagine a helium filled balloon released on a calm day, it is capable of soaring to great heights and traveling on the wind to places far away. If you forget to take the little tiny weight from the balloon that the store clerk used to hold it on the counter, the balloon will drag along the ground never achieving the heights of which it is inherently capable.

Thus is the effect of a small amount of negativity when it mixes with positive thinking. Personal growth becomes limited and personal aspirations appear too high to achieve. Wisdom for success: The positive thinkers must either shed the burden of negativity or surround themselves with other positive thinking individuals to elevate themselves.

Negative Company

When a person’s attitude is all about success and personal development and positive thinking has become an ingrained philosophy, it would be expected that person would reach lofty heights. This may not be the case if that positive thinker is surrounded by people of negative perception.

A pessimist cannot be easily redirected even if they are proven to be wrong, time and time again. The situation can be compared to an axle with two wheels that turn in opposite directions. It will spin in a tiring circle and go nowhere. Eventually, one wheel will wear out and the other will slowly move on.

Negative thinking is toxic to any situation and affects the positive thinking of an individual. Optimists can be suffocated by pessimists as they are detrimental to their personal growth. The best plan is to detach from the negative person.

Keywords of the Heart

Negativity and positivity are universal principals of life. If you speak a negative thought, it is like hailing an invisible taxi from the dark side. You might have said “I am not a loser” but the keyword is loser. You hear yourself say loser and here comes the thought from the negative side that you hailed. Had you said “I am a winner,” the keyword is winner and it invokes powerful thoughts of success.

The wisdom for success says that if these positive words are used as your regular way of speaking, will attract others to you that have similar thinking and may be in a position to better you. The negative words, even if subconsciously conceived, will repel the positive thinking people and greatly inhibit your personal development.

You Can Become a Positive Magnet

Opposite poles attract and like poles repel. The reason opposite poles attract is that the negative will cling to the positive and try to draw the energy from it. A positive flow joined with another will create a greater energy. They work together to do a bigger job, more efficiently. The negative side must be eliminated or it will draw power and create instability.

Positive thinkers working together will multiply their power. If you are successful in becoming a completely positive person, you will receive positive results and your life story will be all about success.

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Tom Cramer is a writer who writes extensively about personal development and offer success secrets on how to motivate yourself with inspirational poems and positive thinking. He has written several enlightening articles on self improvement, daily inspirational sayings which offer wisdom for success and help you look at life in a new positive perspective to achieve personal growth .