SEO is very important function of online marketing, if you want that your website's keywords get a better presence in various search engines, search engine optimization is very essential. After the continuous updates by Google like Penguin and Panda updates it has become much harder to learn SEO techniques that would be applicable for all websites. Joomla websites are bit complex in structure but once you master the technique of search engine optimization you can surely get an edge over your competitors. Follow these techniques and boost the search engine rankings of your Joomla website:

Authentic Website name

Many web developers try to stuff keywords on the website “Site Name” field, after penguin update Google started penalizing website that uses keyword stuffing. Stuffing keywords on webpages also create confusion for your users and visitors and leaves a negative impact of your website. Choose a domain name or URL that would be unique, easy to remember and try to use identical site name and domain name.

Don’t install any sample data when you set up a Joomla! Site.

If you want that the search engine cache the relevant web pages from your site and leaves out the irrelevant information then don't install the sample data at the beginning of Joomla install. The sample data comes with irrelevant data like demo pages, news feeds and links that got cached by the search engines with the web pages. If you had installed the sample data, delete all the demo articles that come with it and empty the trash as well.

Turn on Cache for Faster loading Website

After the penguin update even Google started giving more emphasis on user experience. If your website has a low traffic and loads slowly then you loose both your visitors and search engine ranking. Therefore, to attain better ranking in search engines and getting quality traffic you must provide your users a fast loading website. Turn the website's cache on in global configuration to improve the loading time.

It's quality that matters not Quantity

When it comes to search engine optimization, Google's main focus is on the quality of content. If you want your Joomla website ranks in the first page of Google it is very important that your website contains high quality content. So if you want to leave an impact on your website visitors it is eassential that your content must be ebgaging enough to lure visitors to your website. Try to remove all those pages that don't add value to your website as they are useless forthe search engines and they can even harm your website rank.

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