All websites owners want to improve search engine ranking for their website but it is getting increasingly different to get a high ranking for many keywords and phrases. One way to ensure that your website is picked up by the search engine ‘spiders’ is to keep the content of your site fresh and updated. This encourages the search engines to send its ‘spiders’ to your site more frequently and index more pages. This is necessary if you want a top ranking position in the search results.

One way of knowing how often the search engines are visiting your site is to check out the cache tab next to your website’s domain address in the Google search result page. The more frequently your website is visited is an indication of how valuable your website is seen by Google, MSN and Yahoo. However, if the spiders crawl your website and find no new content rather than visit every three days they will only visit your website every five days. If you website content remains static the crawlers in cyberspace will visit your site less frequently and the popularity and authority of your website will diminish.

Fresh new content is a key factor in revitalising the rankings of your site. Of course it might not always seem possible to do this for all websites. However, a news page or blog can normally be added for most businesses and can provide you will an opportunity to provide relevant new content and essential links to other pages within the site.

Add new content at least three times a week. It can be short and punchy but just make sure that it meets the on-page search engine optimisation tactics in order to maximise its SEO potential. If you feel that you haven’t time to do this yourself then use copywriting services.

What ever approach you take, just keep feeding the ‘spiders’ with loads of fresh words.

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Elizabeth Conley is a Communication and online marketing consultant, helping businesses around Dorset and Hampshire to improve their search engine ranking position on Google and other search engines.

"I use a fusion of PR and Search Engine Optimisation techniques to help online businesses reach the potential customers who are searching for their services. This is achieved through a combination of keyword research, web development services, SEO copywriting and link building services." - Elizabeth Conley

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