Having your main keyword within the domain name can help improve search engine rankings. However, there are a few factors to consider:

1.It can enable your website to "leap frog" above websites with significantly more links. It is therefore an SEO tactic that can be used when entering a highly competitive market. Clearly for new website this can be important when you don't have sufficient links and want to grow your website organically.
2.However, it is important for the domain name to be "user friendly" too. Depending on your market your domain name needs to be memorable and not too long.
3.If your business has an established brand name that it could be more important to use the brand name within the domain.
4.It is also not a great tactic if you want to create a new brand name as there are many other more long term methods to improve the Google page rank of a website starting with the structure of your website.

Finding the right domain name for a new or well established business can be challenging! It is helpful to start by using a search engine marketing service. This will help you clarify your online market, your competition and the best keywords your website should be targeting. This information will drive the structure, on-page optimisation and linking strategy for your website.

One useful website for searching and buying UK domain names is Amazingdomains. It is specialises in offering high-quality, easy-to-remember, UK domain names for businesses serving UK-based consumers. It's worth checking out if you're looking for a UK domain.

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