Getting a high page ranking for your keywords is difficult in most markets after all there are only ten available positions on page 1 with competition from hundreds and thousands of websites. One strategy to improve search engine ranking of your site is to look at what your top competitors are doing and see whether it makes sense to apply some of their SEO strategies to your website.

What keywords are they targeting? A quick way to check this is by looking at the page title in your browser. You can check out their product keyword by right clicking, select view source and then looking through their HTLM source. Their keywords will show up in HTML as something like
Who is linking to their site and what PR ranking do the links have? Focus on their high PR links and see if you can build the same.
Are they using technology tricks to get the search engine spiders to see something different to what you see on the site? Click on the cached link next to their search engine results and check what the search engines see.

If you operate in a very competitive market it is worth outsourcing the competitive analysis to an SEO Services company. They will have the expertise and tools to regularly carry out an in depth analysis of your main competitors and will help your apply the SEO link building strategies to give you a strategic advantage over them and improve your search engine.

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Elizabeth Conley is a Communication and online marketing consultant, helping businesses around Dorset and Hampshire to improve their search engine ranking position on Google and other search engines.

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