With the ASP.NET platform, manufacturing of web application is too easy these days. There are lots of configurations and opportunities on this platform that can make your performance more authentic and tricky. In case of application development, you need to know the further changes in technology prospectus so as to be able to find more appropriate techniques that you require at developing web applications with new aspects and many flexible services.
Therefore, the developers are using good techniques to improve the quality and performance of applications; besides the professionals preferring the more static tools and services to manage web applications. You can wear in mind some important aspects that could be advantageous for your application-

1) Using Cache:

You can store data files or other objects on the web server using cache; doing this you can serve the subsequent requests without taking much effort. You can use caching in executing in two ways that are-

• You can use caching when your app generates an irregular data changes either it consists of more static content of website pages. In the case of non-deliverance of real-time web content by your app, you can consider output caching.
• The other process is cache object, using it enables you to store any serialized data in the memory; also you can implement insert and remove processes on caching object.

2) Avoiding Redundant Visiting Server:

Unnecessary visiting the server affects the software performance because the requests and reactions are transferred to server and clients whereas the process takes too much time for results. Sometimes you might face other factors like the server is full of activity because of many requests or reactions and network latency etc that can affect the speed; so reduce round trips to the server and keep the following things for solution in the case-

• Keep away superfluous database hits to stack the unaltered substance in the database
• Approve client input on the customer side utilizing JavaScript
• Using Ajax UI at whatever point it conceivable
• Use IsPostBack strategy successfully

3) Using Threads:

You can utilize processor concentrated operations and IO operations in an underpinning process, or in a different thread. While one thread running one operation, then another thread can deal with another operation. This will make your application more responsive. Some another thing to keep in mind for improving application performance-

• Using threads in an application enhances execution level largely.
• Sending mail by a different thread is completely free of cost to the UI rendering.
• If a thread is used too much then it might be counter-gainful and exorbitantly execution of thread may be influenced in a turnaround manner.

4) Reducing Unnecessary Images:

Never upload the images which take much time to load and slow down the application working; likewise, remove unnecessary images from the page and use small images and CSS to provide color, shade, and style.

5) Paging:

You can observe that big numbers of data files and records like GridView, ListView etc take too much time to load on the data server, but dividing that all in small subsets, the server page will load faster; besides clicking on the next or previous button or on page number you can fetch another page flexibly. .
Some others factors that a web development companies in san francisco should keep in process to improve an application performance-

• You should use CSS layouts instead of HTML table server control.
• Use build in release mode while executing any pdf file to application.
• Avoid the using of dynamic keywords because it affects the application performance in the case of using loops.
• Create your application pages asynchronously. It helps to execute the codes that are asynchronous during the API call.
• You must use Server. Transfer in the place of Response. Redirect; Using Server. Transfer in web application makes the functioning faster.


We discussed many relevant tools and services for giving an outstanding outline to improve your web application and what's more, you will be able to fulfill the customer's expectations accordingly. Well, if you are developing a website or application then can consider the above discussed development services to present adaptable design and features.

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