It is heartbreaking for a new mother to find that the little one is resisting feeding, and wants to nurse from only one breast, or totally refuses to feed. It can get downright harrowing when she refuses to sleep, or sleeps only fitfully. And when she is whimpering from the pain when the little tummy aches, all notions of a perpetually gurgling baby vanish as though they never existed. Yet, all these are part of growing up pains, and the mother needs to draw a few deep breaths to calm herself fast.

Help Is at Hand

Watching your baby thrive can be a joy, but requires some savvy handling of the infant as much as of circumstances. Just keep in mind that no two babies - not even twins - are alike. Firstly, stop making comparisons about how well or badly your baby is doing compared to the neighbor’s or a friend’s or siblings’ babies are doing. Second, search for chiropractic care in Amherst to find out what exactly is ailing your sweetheart, and help her grow strong and healthy.Relief from colic pains, and increased immunity to seasonal infections are only two benefits which such care brings your child.

How It Works

Since spinal misalignments could occur during birthing itself, the chiropractor works to rectify that without using any invasive interventions. If these corrections occur when the toddler is only a few days, or weeks old; it serves to create a basis for fine health in the coming years. These corrections remove interferences in the nervous system. It is this process of restoring a nervous system which will have positive effects on other areas of the infant’s life too. Not only would a pediatric chiropractor of Amherst know how to reverse the distress suffered by a child suffering from inner ear infection; but would also prevent future occurrences.

Parents and medical practitioners of diverse schools of medicine are terrified of sudden infant death syndrome, since most people don’t realize that in most cases it’s preventable. Experts opine that heart rate abnormalities could cause sleep apnea which in turn could lead to sudden infant death. When you take your bundle of joy to a pediatric chiropractor soon after birth, any damage to the spinal column caused during delivery or while changing the diaper or other reasons would be diagnosed and corrected before the baby begins to suffer adverse effects like bedwetting, torticollis, or even infantile colic.

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Dr. Nick Hirschfelt is a pregnancy chiropractor in Buffalo who serves Buffalo and the surrounding areas of western New York.