Today, many different methods exist to help improve fuel economy for vehicles. Especially when it comes to large rigs that spend hours or even days on the road, this is a crucial factor. You cannot compare a car that you drive back and forth to work with to a truck that travels thousands of miles every day. However, there are loads of other features that should be considered when purchasing commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, not very many trucks in the market have all of the impressive features that are offered with the 2018 Kenworth T680.

Cutting-edge technology

There are several different transmissions available for the T680, including Eaton Fuller and Allison manual and automated transmissions. The Paccar engines come standard, with optional Cummins engines delivering up to 605 hp. Moreover, the 2018 Kenworth T680 includes TruckTech A+ technology, and this enables you to stay connected and prepared for when assistance is needed. Statistics have shown that up to 80 percent of every service event involves slow or inadequate communications that result in lost time, efforts & assets that could be better utilized. When an engine fault code is triggered, TruckTech A+ Remote Diagnostics sends a notification to the fleet operations manager and to specific Kenworth dealers immediately. These dealers will be able to see the fault code diagnosis prior to the truck arriving locally in order to expedite service. Predictive cruise control is another impressive feature that helps prevent a wide range of issues on the road. The driver can see the upcoming road conditions ahead of time; and sensors monitor everything from roadway lane markings to frontal and side objects that may get too close, warning the driver to avoid any possible collisions. The system will even provide automatic braking that can respond even before the driver does. And of course, the onboard fuel economy statistics keep the driver informed. Being equipped with such info, drivers can do their job more safely and efficiently, which results in increased productivity and satisfaction for everyone involved.

Improved fuel efficiency

Speaking of fuel economy, it’s a good time to mention the power management system on the 2018 Kenworth T680. These trucks have a battery based no-idle system, which comes standard. This helps drivers to reduce fuel-hungry idle times for climate control systems that are often used during long hauls. When paired with an automated manual transmission, Predictive Cruise Control is integrated with the neutral coast function of the transmission to further enhance fuel economy. Predictive Neutral Coast uses GPS inputs to anticipate when to shift into neutral as the truck approaches and descends hills. Add to that the aerodynamic design and fuel conservation is even further enhanced. This will not only save more money but it’s also more environmentally-friendly. Abiding by the environmental compliance policies is something that will be much easier with this rig. Versatility has been the key to success for Kenworth trucks, and this has been achieved by concentrating on both technology & design.

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