Replacing a bathtub is no easy feat by any measure and requires intricate knowledge of the plumbing and other related systems to start any work. And in case this is one of those DIY projects for you, here are some key tips to remember when finishing the job for a more sturdy performance of your bathtub.

Attach the drain to the tub properly
It is important to know that one must secure the drain in place before fixing the tub in place. Wrap the bottom of the strainer with putty and press it into the tub from the inside. Put a gasket on the outside of the strainer and screw it to the drain opening. To better fix them and hold in place, use pliers to tighten them.

Fix overflow drain
Slide the strip level stopper through the overflow drain’s opening and secure it in place with the help of a screwdriver. A strip level stopper allows or restricts the flow of water through the drain depending on the user’s need. The overflow rain, on the other hand, is put in place to avoid any overflow of water if the user is not around when the water is flowing.

Level the tub
Place the tub on the alcove and check if it is completely level or not. In case it's tilting towards one end, place hardwood levels on each side to level the entire tub and once that is achieved glue them to the floor. You can also use mortar instead of hardwood levels.

Install tub in place to studs
Tubs usually are equipped with a flange at their edges on top. You need to attach them to the studs present in the wall which can be achieved with the help of a hammer and nail but make sure the nail goes straight through and had no bend anywhere from edge to edge.

Put up a new surround
A surround is nothing but panels that are put on the walls enveloping or around the tub or prevent them from any damage due to water or moisture. Place them on the designated walls as is to figure out the measurements and mark them accordingly on the panel. Walls where the faucet and other such accessories are installed need to be taken extra care of when measuring so that there are no empty space or cramped up fittings either. It has to be perfect and hence it is advised that you measure them 2-3 to be sure of the final measurement you get.

Apply caulk on the tub and fix surround
Apply caulk all around the top of the bathtub at its edges and with precaution and care, place the surround on it perfectly leading to be placed in the desired spot. Next up screw the fitted surround into the wall stud properly and keep in mind they should be evenly placed when being installed along the length of the surround.

Attach all pipes and valves
Attach the faucet through the opening of the surround with the pipe’s coupling. Fix the strainer to the drainage pipe and seal it properly along with any other fixtures or accessories there might be such as handles and curtain rods.

Connect P-trap
Insert the drain chute into the P-trap under the tub and use PVC pipe if the two don’t align in unison. Once both ends of the PVC pipe are filled, secure both openings with some cement to ensure they stay in place and don’t leak.

Caulk the bottom of the tub
Prior to finishing any tub installation in Denver or elsewhere, run a line of caulk along the bottom of the tub where it meets the floor as well to avoid any water leakage or seepage. Make sure the caulk comes on to both the tub and the floor. Press it gently so that it firmly stays in place and gets a better hold of both objects.

Now we wait
It is important to give all the adhesives, cement and caulk ample time to dry off. If not dried completely and you let the water run, there is a risk of water leakage, damage and even the parts coming out of place due to the water pressure. Hence it is better to wait a little longer than suffer later.

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