According to research, a person spends one-third of his/her life sleeping? Isn’t it shocking? Proper sleeping plays a vital role in calming the nerves.

What if your home doesn’t give that positive vibe to relax. There is one most important element in the home interior that you can’t simply ignore – curtains. It creates flow, guides your furniture arrangement, and allow for the natural light and air you need to keep your space happy and healthy. The right use of curtain will give you peace but making the right choice can be confusing. Let us know a few quick tips on how to choose curtains that enhance the Interior view of your home:

1. Pick out the right fabric – The material plays a vital role in the look of the overall home interior. There are two factors that you should consider while picking the right one:

Heavier fabrics suit more traditional rooms while sheer fabrics in a contemporary one.
The amount of sunlight you want streaming in through it.
2. The choice of the right color can make or break the entire look – For a pleasing look, you can choose drapes in a color that complements the shade of your wall design. On the other hand, pick a hue if you want the curtain colors to be the focus.

3. Selecting the ideal length – Generally, people want their bedroom curtain to be full length. While the curtain in the kid’s bedroom is better off a couple of inches above the floor.

4. Trims and accessories – Trims and accessories can be cleverly accompanied by light drapes to add richness and give a fancy look. You can also use decorative frilled fabric on the window top to add embellishment to your room.

Curtains always manage to steal the show and provide comfort and privacy to one’s life. If you are looking for Customized Window Blinds in greater Faridabad, LA Interiors can offer them to you at affordable prices.

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