Direct mailing can be a tricky marketing strategy, especially for start ups. It can be very effective, though. In Houston, you can find direct mailing service providers that can help you with your campaign. But before sealing the deal with a Houston direct mailing company, you may want to follow these direct mail marketing tips.

Pamper your audience
Direct mailing tends to demand a more immediate response from prospective customers than most other types of advertising. For example, television and radio ads can deliver their messages to the consumer’s attention even when they are not fully paying attention. But on the other hand, direct mails require that your prospects are aware of their decision to seek out your offer. In light of this, utilize your direct mail to make your customers feel special. Addressing them personally would be a good idea. You may also want to make your offer as enticing as possible. But in all this, you have to be sincere. Keep in mind that one of your major goals is to establish a solid relationship with your prospects so they will be compelled to commit to your business.

Keep it simple
Whether you are using postcards or sales letter, you have to accept the fact that your audience might just ignore your efforts – even if you got your mailing list from the best Houston direct mailing provider. The technique is to identify your customers' needs right away and get past the impression that what you are sending is a junk mail. You can do this by communicating all important information at a glance, before your prospect realizes that what he or she is holding is an advertisement for a business. So keep your sentences short and direct to the point.

Be specific
Customers appreciate it if they know exactly what they are getting. So make sure that your direct mail communicates the experience that customers will have upon availing your product or service. Give a precise explanation on, say, the problems it solves. Be up front as well about the price. Make your prospects trust you by being honest, sincere and specific.

Offer absolute guarantee
Prospective customers can be wary of what they receive in the mail especially if it is selling them something. Ease their worries by offering a guarantee, which should be displayed in a noticeable spot from the rest of the copy.

Tell your audience what to do
This part of your message is known as the "call to action." It is one of the most common marketing lines that you can use to tell your prospective consumers to do what you want them to do. You should state it in detail, though. For example, instead of simply saying, “Call now,” you may want to tell them to "call this number and ask for more details." Or instead of “Buy now,” it would be better to ask them to “visit our nearest branch and ask for this item.”

All these are meant to increase your response rates. If you feel that you are not getting the response you desire, rethink your direct mail strategies and incorporate these tips.

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