Phones have become an essential part of everyone’s life. In fact, a large part of human lives at present revolves around smartphones. The reason behind this is with the advancement of technology mankind has started to live a ‘second life’ and that too on entirely on several digital platforms. These platforms have made it possible not only to connect with one another but also to take part in businesses and perform financial transactions. Mobile phones also help in bringing out the creativity of people through several applications developed by several companies worldwide.Butsince smartphones are machines and machines can malfunction, one needs to repair them. However, before handing over the phone for repair, a couple of important steps are to be followed that will help in data retention and make the repair process easy for the technician.

Removing the SIM Card

It might sound like one of the commonto-do’sbut many technicians in several parts of the world do not ask their clients to remove their sim card. This is a huge security issue because it can turn out to be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. In most places, however, the technicians ask the clients to remove their sim before handing the phone over. For example, for a phone repair in Birmingham, one has to remove the sim first otherwise the phone will not be taken for repair.

Backing Up Data

This is a must before giving the phone for repair or maintenance because be it an Android device or an IOS, repair work can erase the data. But there are many tools and applications that can make this process simple and time-saving.

Removal of Security Locks

This will make it easier for the technicians to not only repair but also test out different options or features on the phone. If the phone is locked with the face-lock, pattern-lock, or pin, it is essential to remove them before giving the phone to the technician. In fact, for a same day phone repair in West Midlands,it is mandatory to remove the lock so that a technician can work on the device without facing hassles.

Removal of Micro SD cards

Just like the sim cards,the removal of the micro-sd card is also important because it falls under data security. There might be sensitive data on the micro-sd card and it can be devastating if that falls into the wrong hands. However, like the sim card, most technicians around the world do a thorough check before taking the phone for repair and if they find that the storage device is present on the phone, they deliver it to their clients then and there. But since it is better to be safe than to be sorry, removing the micro-sd card in advance is the recommended step.

Noting down the IMEI number

Writing down the IMEI (a 15 digit number unique to every phone) will help in avoiding the risk of misplacing the phone.It might happen that during the delivery of a device, a different phone of the same model has been delivered.But with the IMEI one can easily identify his or her device.

At present, during any call out iPhone repair in West Midlands one needs to follow most of the steps mentioned above for a successful repair. Moreover, creating awareness on this topic will also help in ensuring the safety of the device as well as the person and his or her digital life.

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The author is a consultant of mobile repairing and helps people in selecting places for phone repair in Birminghamand maintains a blog for sharing knowledge on data security.