When you want to start with application development services, it’s not correct to dive into mobile app creation without any strategy and clueless process. Coming with preconceived notions which ignore and dismiss some important factors in the success of the app may harm you.

The lack of proper planning leads to lots of complications and bumps which in turn end up in lots of time and resources. The most common reason in failure of mobile application development services is lack of strategy and poor planning.

Steps of discovery aka pre-planning Stage

Step 1: Ideation — Get an Idea

Many app developers India think that “Ideas are worthless, it’s all about the implementation”. But that is not the case. It would in fact be better to start with a good idea. Ultimately since you are investing your time and money on ecommerce app development, for example. Obviously, you also want to make money out of it. So, if you start with an app idea that has the potential to be profitable in the long run, will be beneficial for you.

Usually, idea comes from a problem that maybe you or some people are facing. Once the idea is fixed, app developers India need to immerse completely in digging the cause and then start to evaluate how an app could solve it.

Step 2: Competition — Placing your app for success

Suppose, you go to app store and choose the scanner category. As you might already know, you will be presented with countless options and the same exact thing will apply to your mobile application no matter what category you choose.
Nowadays, there are thousands of applications in every category serving similar purposes. So, analyze the competition before you kick off your project and position your app to outperform over other apps in your chosen category.

We usually look for number of installs, star rating, company history, and reviews while researching other apps. Identifying your competition saves your few iterations and will help you understand that unique factor that keeps you unique from the crowd and makes you stand out to your target audience.

Step 3: Knowing your Target Audience

Say you are an ice-cream vendor, you wouldn’t open up your shop in front of Baskin-Robbins. Its not correct to just think that people come here for ice cream. Therefore this must be a good idea to open shop here. It just doesn’t work that way.

Create a successful app, by defining specific target demographic that you will cater your app to. Some useful metrics for demographics are gender, location, age, hobbies, etc.

Step 4: monetization of Your App

Once you have decided what demographic you will put your focus on, then figure out how to get paid. Please don’t be like those people who simply dismiss this stage and justify with some disingenuous reasoning “I’m not doing this for the money”.

If you are saying this then you are just deceiving yourself and using that as excuse. When your app makes $0, you don’t need to face your failing self and tell “I made $0. This was clearly a failure”.

Think that, how to convince strangers to spend you money over the internet. Pretty representative of difficulty of the task. This is not a monetization guide actually so we won’t be going in detail but here are a few methods you can explore as viable ways to monetize your application development services: in-app purchases, ad revenue, crowdfunding, sponsorships, freemium model, and traditional paid ads. This is not a monetization guide, however to give you a little clue, try to find out what your audience usually pays online and use that as a starting point.

Step 5: Defining MVP

The final step of the preplanning stage is defining the roadmap for the project, just the Minimum Viable Product.

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