The job of a customer service executive includes assisting the clients as per their needs and providing them online assistance. When applying for this position, it is important to highlight the necessary skills expected by the hiring managers for better impact. Knowing that resume is the only way to get you to the job interview, you need to write it in an outstanding way so that it grabs the attention of the employers and gets you the job opportunity. For this you must include all the necessary details as expected by the employer. The free customer service resume templates can prove beneficial to you if you are attempting to draft a resume for this position. You can edit this template and fill your corresponding details for designing your CV.

Customer Service Resume

When you are applying for this position, employers are looking for some particular skills and traits in the candidates. If you know these expected skills and include them effectively in your CV, employer will obviously give attention to your details and there is increased possibility that you will be short listed.

Customer Service Skills

There are certain set of skills required for the customer service jobs. As these people have to directly interact with the clients either on telephone or face to face, they must possess excellent communication skills. Also, further skill set of the person will depend on the field he is working in. The common resume writing skills necessary for the customer service jobs are as follows –

• Strong Communication – verbal and written
• Effective listening i.e., you must be an active listener
• Tolerant and patient
• Effective sales skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Organizational and analytical skills
• Computer literacy

When you are writing the resume for customer service positions, the key to success is to be able to effectively present your skills in your CV. Remember that customer service executive will be directly or indirectly interacting with the client. They have to deal with the clients of different nature. These executives should carefully understand the problems of the clients and provide the necessary solution.

Customer Service Resume Template

When you are referring sample customer service resume templates, you must keep in mind of the skills to be added in your CV. Remember that this position demands lot of skills and not presenting them properly will take you out of the competition. Following is the sample template to help you know how to present the details for such job positions.

Sample Template

Cell No.
E-Mail ID

Career Summary

[Short description about your professional background. Talk about your strengths and skills expected by the employer]

Key Skills

[List the most relevant skills. If you do not possess the expected skills, you can add the nearly matching skills]

Job Details

Company Name

Educational Credentials

Highest Degree
Name of College/ University, Address
Next Degree
Name of College/ University
Professional Certification/ Training


[Names of at least 2 references]

You can edit this template and use it for drafting your resume. Fill the details in the corresponding sections and get a resume that will make you stand out from other candidates and get you noticed.

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