Your teeth are one of the factors that decide your facial beauty. Your teeth play a vital role in giving you a perfect look, so think what the services that you render to your teeth to give them a perfect look.


But what if you do not have them all. There might be many people who are suffering from the problems of missing teeth. Which discourages them every time they look upon it. But the question emerges whether what to do for this? Well, I am here to answer and going to discuss these questions through this article. In this article, I'll be telling you the importance of replacing teeth. So let's see what they are?


What are the causes of missing teeth?

Everyone must take care of their teeth, as it affects their oral and dental health. You should be aware of the conditions that are caused due to the missing tooth. To make you aware, I have given you some common causes of missing teeth so that you can take care of your teeth well. They are,



Physical Trauma:

Physical Trauma is one of the primary causes of missing teeth.

If you have met with an accident recently and got hurt in your mouth, then there is the chance that you can lose your teeth if you have gone hurt.


Gum Disease:

Gum disease, better known as periodontal disease, is a significant cause in which many suffer from missing teeth.

The bacteria slowly destroys the gums tissues and can destroy the jawbones situated under the gums and loosen your teeth, resulting in tooth loss.



Cavities can cause tooth decay and destroy the (pulp) center of the teeth, resulting in tooth extraction. You can save your teeth by taking care of your teeth properly and can save your teeth from being extracted.


Other Causes:

· Smoking can irritate your teeth and can erode your teeth.

· Deficiency of Vitamin D, Calcium, and Phosphorous can cause tooth loss.

· Even if you have diabetes, then there is the chance that you can suffer from tooth loss.


Why should you replace your missing tooth?


Missing Teeth Impacts your general health:

The main reason why you should replace your missing teeth is that it impacts your general health. As your teeth are missing, you find it difficult to eat certain foods, and as a result, there will be certain deficiencies in nutrients and vitamins in your body. Even it can affect your mental health by making you less comfortable while smiling or talking in front of others.


Missing Teeth can degenerate your surrounding bone:

After you have lost the teeth, your remaining teeth start to move in the direction of the previous teeth, and this movement causes misalignment and crooked teeth and not only this but deteriorates the jaw bone and decreases the density and volume of the bone due to lack of stimulation.


Missing Teeth can lead to facial changes:

After you have lost your teeth as you age, you will feel your face began to sag; this is because due to lack of support to your mouth as there is no bone, your muscles begin to sag and make you look old.


Missing Teeth can cause further causes:

If you leave your missing tooth, there is the chance that the teeth can increase your complications and can impact your overall health and can lead to more expensive treatments, and will be more challenging to treat the condition.


What are the treatments available to replace the missing teeth?


Treatments to support missing teeth:

Implant-supported Bridge.

· Partial Dentures.

· Full-Mouth Dentures.

· Flipper.

· Fixed Dental Bridge.

· Traditional Restorations.

· Tooth Supported Fixed Bridges.


Frequently Asked Questions About Important Reasons To Replace Your Missing Teeth.

What is the cost of tooth replacement in Chennai?

The tooth replacement cost in Chennai is based on various factors like the dentist's expertise, materials used for replacement, and the type of treatment you opt for; usually, if you want to have the best treatment and also with affordability visit the best dental clinics in Chennai.


How can I find the best dental clinic near me?

· First of all, search the internet for the best dental clinic in your locality.

· Then ask those who have gone to the dentist and who have the best knowledge about the dentist in your area; it can be your friends or people you know well.

· And talk to the dentist about your problem so that by seeing their response, you can find it whether he/she is good for you or not.


Which is the cheapest way to replace your teeth?

Dentures are the most affordable way to replace your teeth. You can have complete mouth dentures or partial dentures as a substitute for missing teeth.


Why is it necessary to replace the missing tooth?

Missing teeth can cause several impacts not only on your oral health but also your overall health. If it is left, it can deteriorate your bones and can adversely affect your jaw. So it is recommended to replace your missing teeth.


Hope that you have understood the impacts of missing teeth if untreated. So to keep your smile and keep yourself safe from several oral diseases, replace your missing teeth as soon as possible.

I hope that the article was helpful and informative to you ask; if you have questions related to the article, we will answer you. So see you soon.

Thank you!

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