You might have requested a home inspection team? They could be arriving at your premises at any time from now. But before the team arrives, there are a few preparations that you have to do in advance.

The preparations will help speed up the inspection process for the team. You can search for the home inspector in Utah team and see how much time they need to carry out the inspection task. You have to be prepared so the process is conducted on time.

The expert home inspection team will take a few hours to complete the entire inspection procedure. If you are prepared, then you save your time.

Ensure your house is well maintained

Do not leave the house in messed up condition for the home inspectors. These individuals might include the condition of the house in their reports. So to flourish a very positive report, ensure that the house is welcoming for them.

Clean up the entire mess before the team arrives at your destination. You have to reflect that your house is always in top maintained condition.

Avoid delays

Unnecessary delays will only delay the inspection task. If you have booked these services then you have to try and stick to the schedule. Before the team arrives, be present at your premises for them. This will also offer you with sufficient time to be prepared for the inspection.

Always ensure utilities are connected

Lights and plumbing lines are a part of the inspection. So the moment you want to get the house inspected, you have to ensure that everything in the house is in working condition. Disconnected lights and plumbing lines could be marked in negative in the report.

Check with the light switch and bulb. It is also important to ensure that the taps have water running through them.

Open heater and furnace areas

Heater and furnace areas have to be inspected for its condition. Before the team arrives to ensure the basement is unlocked so the team can inspect the heater and furnace. You also have to be sure that the heater and furnace system is visible.

Avoid switching off the pilot lights

Pilot lights are also entitled to liability and risk factors. So before the inspection, always ensure the pilot lights are on and in working condition. Most inspectors may like to inspect the pilot lights as the very first thing.

In case you have a furnace at the home, then pilot light inspection is a must.

Allow access to garage and attic

The garage and attic can be the most important area for inspection. Well maintained garage will always fetch you a higher price for the property. You may have to leave them open so the team can access them.

Before you leave the inspection team at the home, always hand over the keys to them. Once the inspection is carried out the team would like to seal the place for buyers.

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