Nowadays, there are lots of meal subscription services out there. They take the hassle out of preparing food on the table by means of crossing meal preparation as well as the grocery buying off the list.

If you are a busy person you will surely appreciate the handiness of having all the needed ingredients delivered right to your door. However, with so many meal delivery services today, choosing the right one can be a challenging task.

Nevertheless, one of the most popular meal subscriptions these days that you might want to consider is HelloFresh. This service will allow you to choose a meal plan that suits your lifestyle. Further, when you are signing up, you are also allowed to choose a plan that fits your family size, dietary preferences, and schedule. With this meal subscription service, you are free to select the day of your delivery. What’s more, you can cancel, control, pause, or modify your subscription anytime.

Do you want to know more about HelloFresh? Read on to find out some important facts and things that you may not know about this meal subscription service.

6 Things/Facts About HelloFresh

1.Their recipes are based on the feedback of their customer

Yes, you read it right. Most of their recipes are skillfully curated by home cooks. The good thing about this service provider is that when their customers tell their opinions regarding the meals they listen. Not only that, but they also read every comment whether it is a negative or positive one.

2. Every week there are 12 recipes on their menu

With this meal subscription service, you will expect a wide variety of flavors as well as cuisines every week. Thus you will be able to make the perfect recipes that suit your taste.

3. There is a premium option

Whether you admit it or not, there are times that you want to give yourself an elegant meal that consists of the finest ingredients. But the problem is, you do not want to spend your time in your kitchen and cook a super complicated recipe.

For that reason, HelloFresh decided to make a premium recipe or meal every week. They are preparing balsamic-sprinkled skirt steak, pan-baked duck breast, and even prosciutto-wrapped chicken.

Though the above-mentioned recipes are custom-made for special occasions and date night, they are also quick and simple enough to prepare, say, your normal Monday.

4. There is a meal plan that is specifically made for vegans

Are you a vegan or vegetarian who is looking for a meal subscription service that suits your dietary preference? If yes, then HelloFresh can be a great option.

As a matter of fact, their chefs love preparing plant-based menus or recipes that are completed with vegetarian proteins, energetic whole grains, and seasonal produce.

5. The recipes included in their Family Plan are kid-approved and tested

As well all know, children are picky when it comes to the recipes you are preparing for them. Not only that they have also big opinions.

For that reason, they have decided to include kid-approved and tested recipes on their Family plan menu.
Adults, on the other hand, don’t have to worry because they have included recipes that both kids and grownups will surely like.

6. They are flexible

Since people have different taste preferences, lifestyle, family size, and schedules this meal subscription service provide flexible deliveries, customizable menus each week, as well as the option to cancel or pause the meal subscription anytime.


Indeed, HelloFresh is good meal subscription service that is not only ideal for two, but also for the whole family. Hopefully, this content has given you a better understanding of what this service provider has to offer.

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