It is vital to pay for tick testing to prevent the spread of diseases such as Lyme disease. Blumed Laboratory is one of the leading tick testing facilities in Poland, offering services at rates ranging from PLN359 to PLN169. One may test for Lyme disease, tick-bone encephalitis, babesiosis, and anaplasmosis for PLN359 each.

Thousands of tests are conducted at the laboratory, which has highly skilled personnel and highly efficient equipment. Blumed Laboratory was established in 2015 and has had tremendous success in tick testing for the Polish public, who buy tests offline and online. They provide CPR using the Roche Apparatus. This approach permits the rapid and accurate identification of a tick-borne illness linked with a generic DNA sequence.

Ticks harbour several diseases, including viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. There are several tick species, including the common tick, the meadow tick, the pigeon fringe tick, and the dove rim tick. Tests for ticks are nearly 100 percent successful, especially when conducted by trained professionals using the most effective equipment. The major purpose of testing is to detect if the tick harbours Lyme disease and other tick-borne infections. This reduces the likelihood of becoming infected by ticks.

Laboratory Tests
Blumed Laboratory tests a variety of Lyme disease causing bacteria. These include B. burgorferi, B. japonica, B. takunia, and B. sinica, among others. Babesiosis is caused by the meadow tick in animals. In tick testing, it is essential to understand the many phases of a tick, its host, its activity time, and the risks associated with tick bites. Tick testing and diagnosis are connected with several advantages.

To begin, it increases the possibility of excluding sickness after a bite by increasing the duration of observation. Second, the findings obtained via PCR Real Time are quite reliable since the method is both very fast and very accurate. Testing not only helps and directs more diagnoses, but it also helps cut costs associated with recurrent testing by providing more accurate results. The conventional blood test for tick-borne diseases produces findings that are both incorrectly negative and incorrectly positive. Due to the absence of erythema in the early stage of the illness, which is caused by its minimal indications and symptoms.

Furthermore, because the results of tick testing may be obtained more rapidly than those of blood testing, tick testing is more efficient. Blood tests require a substantial amount of time to complete before their results can be interpreted. In the event that there is an infection, it is strongly suggested that treatment be started very away. The expense of treating Lyme disease goes up significantly when treatment is delayed.

It is essential to note that after testing, Blumed does not return ticks to the client. The laboratory is permitted to retain the samples for research purposes. Blumed reserves the right to refuse to undertake tick testing if a flawed sample is identified. In this instance, the customer gets reimbursed the cost of implementation, except transportation fees. The identical condition of previously frozen ticks should be delivered to the laboratory. However, frequent freezing may skew the findings of TBEV testing. Blumed guarantees the finest examination sample. The outcomes are released by laboratory analysts and are clinically applicable.

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