This COVID nineteen state of affairs has modified the perception of the whole world. As a result, many rules and policies have been enforced yet modified. It’s a great idea to have the best study abroad consultant in Delhi.

Canada is one of all the countries that have not solely applied the numerous developments in their visa rules however conjointly declares some relaxations for the present migrants of the country yet for the approaching migrants. Canadian immigration services have created among the most effective and studious modifications in their student visa policies.

Top-class quality education is offered in Canada to its student’s community, best overseas education. the price of living and tuition fees area unit nominal and reasonable here. This makes it a well-liked selection and attracts a mass of immigrants to check and earn a Canadian degree or certification.

The method associates several hassles and may disrupt your attempt to study in a North American nation. we tend to area unit here to handle all the hindrances and supply your comprehensive support throughout your application method of North American nation student Visa. The authentic help our North American nation student visa consultants will advise embrace

· Guiding you to pick out the correct course/ Institutes to check-in North American nation

· Helping you within the perfect submission of your visa application

· Assisting you within the assortment of obligatory documents

· Aiding you to know and solve complicated problems supported their in-depth information and knowledge.

About the North American nation – Your Study Abroad Country

Canada includes a worldwide name as a top-quality education supplier. North American nation additionally has one in every of the quickest growing economies within the world.

Canadian degrees and sheepskin area units are recognized throughout the planet. Canadian work expertise is extremely fascinating by international firms United Nations agency actively recruit on Canadian campuses.

Canada could be a world-rated country not solely in terms of the economy however in terms of education too. The top-rated universities providing high-toned education area unit appreciated globally. Having the best UK education consultant in Delhi would be a golden opportunity while opting for an abroad study.

Why study in Canada?

ü High-quality education

ü Abroad study scholarship

ü Secure living surroundings

ü Great immigration potentialities

ü Employment of freedom whereas learning

ü An excellent nature, technology, and culture combine

ü The superb commonplace of living

ü Wide range of obtainable courses

ü A degree valued across the world


ü Apply through one and solely Canadian – CARE (Canadian tutorial Advisors Representing Excellence) Certified agent in north Gujarat.

ü As per Federal labor law, min wage is 11$/hr.

ü Students will work twenty hours throughout the study and full-time on vacation.

ü Earliest and quickest permanent residency potentialities once study.

ü Types of programs provided (Diploma, Advance certification, post-graduation diploma).

ü No, ought to show bank balance or IT returns.

Canada Student Visa – Eligibility Criteria

ü You must have decent funds to manage your tuition fees and different home expenses

ü You must not be concerned in any quiet criminal activity

ü You must be free from health hazards

Record needs for Study in North American nation

ü A valid passport

ü language proficiency test (such as IELTS/ PTE)

ü Proof of finishing the recent education


September is that the primary intake. the appliance time limit for universities is around Feb and for the community, faculties are around might. Jan – Feb is the secondary intake that the deadlines area unit in October – Gregorian calendar month universities. might maybe a minor intake. Get the best study abroad consultant in Delhi for in-depth ideas.

Step by Step method to use for a North American nation Student Visa

ü Enroll during a Canadian institute or university

ü Check the eligibility criteria

ü Prepare the obligatory documents

ü Apply for the visa

Validity of a North American nation Student Visa

The validity of a North American nation student visa is mostly similar to the period of the course you're listed in and extra ninety days. The buffer time permits you to arrange yourself for to exiting the country or apply for an Associate in Nursing extension if you want to remain a lot.

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