The network marketing industry is abuzz with news of Numis network merging with World Ventures. The two companies are both leading multilevel marketing companies and have been very successful in the network marketing industry. The merger took place on July 19, 2013 and the downlines will be officially merged on 1st August

World Ventures is a company that was launched in December 10, 2005 and has specialized in the sell of leisure travel products through the network marketing model. The company also leverages the power of the internet for the distribution of the products through their referral program. World Ventures draws its sales representatives from all the 50 states in the United States as well as globally.

Numis network marketing company has been around for two decades and is a pioneer in the sales of graded silver and numismatic gold coins. Their sales model was initially based on the home shopping network. The company then modeled itself on network marketing or direct sales model through their independent representatives.

The Perfect Marriage of Between Two Successful Companies

With the Numis network merging with World Ventures, this is a great opportunity for anyone in the network marketing industry. Representatives of both companies can now have double benefits and can choose to work with either the companies or both the opportunities. The advantage is that anyone who wants to work with both businesses can get two opportunities for the price of one.

This is one of the most powerful mergers that provide average network marketers with an unparalleled chance for a long-term residual income. Once the Numis downline has been merged with World Ventures downline, Numis will continue with their coin distribution program to customers and representatives. All Numis representatives get the opportunity to become World Ventures representatives and to distribute the company's products without having to pay any upfront fees. They can however choose to continue selling the collectible coins that Numis network provides without getting involved with World Ventures.

Advantages of the Merger

The merger between World Ventures and Numis Network has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is a great opportunity for both companies to bring their resources and experience in the network marketing industry. Secondly, the two companies can now offer a wonderful opportunity to anyone looking for a network marketing opportunity, only that they will get two opportunities in one. With this merger, the impetus is provided for both companies to continue their growth, only this time at together.

What the Exciting Acquisition Announcement Means

Many in the network marketing business will love this exciting acquisition announcement. Both companies are two of the fastest growing in the industry. Gold and silver have become very attractive for investor portfolios with economists advising people to make them additions in their investments. Investing in precious metals as a hedge when there is economic turbulence is a wise move and the Numis networking company provides this opportunity.

World ventures has been a leading network marketing company and has set itself apart with its Dreamtrips, Rovia and Dreamtrips Life products. Anyone who is presently a member of Numis and World Ventures will be glad to have witnessed this exciting merger. With the Numis network merging with World Ventures, this new opportunity provides marketers with the chance to benefit with the impressive and profitable world of travel and the collection of gold and silver coins.

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