The world of communication has been ever-evolving and has been the foundation of many groundbreaking innovations such as the morse code, television, intercontinental travel, etc. With every decade, the need for a better form of communication led to the invention of the telephone, email, fax, and, currently, video conferencing. Furthermore, with the mass adoption of handheld devices and an overall increase in internet bandwidth, the possibility for remote working opened, and businesses started exploring the possibilities of video conferencing solutions.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to transition to virtual meetings but are still unfamiliar with the advantages. This article will discuss the benefits of video conferencing that can effectively bring your teams together and improve organizational communication in real-time.

How Beneficial is Video Conferencing Solution for Businesses?

While on video transmission, video conferencing allows two or more individuals to join an online chat. All participants in a video conference require is a steady internet connection and a device with VoIP capabilities, such as handhelds or PCs with a camera, headphones, and microphone.

Video conferencing is the new phone call, whether you’re part of the growing remote workforce, have offices in various locations, or work with a team of experts that travel frequently. So it’s no surprise that video conferencing is becoming increasingly important for organizations because of its ability to bring people together, simplify collaboration, increase productivity, and help you save money. According to research published by VC Daily, video conferencing is expected to rise by 20% every year through 2022.

Video conferencing has shown to be beneficial in various industries, including healthcare, marketing, education, finance, and entertainment. Initially, video conferences were only available to large organizations, but now any company may benefit from video-calling technology.

Video conferencing also allows geographically scattered teams to communicate from anywhere, and your organization may employ the finest and brightest individuals regardless of where they are located. Many companies have already stated that they will let employees work from home after the epidemic has passed. It also saves firms money on rent and utilities while providing employees with much freedom.

Benefits of Video Conferencing Solution

Effective Communication

According to research, showing compelling graphics to the audience is crucial to comprehending information faster than any other type. A picture is processed 60,000 times quicker by the human brain than words.

Furthermore, “…auditory recognition memory ability is considerably inferior to visual recognition memory,” according to another study. As a result, adding video to an audio-only conference helps attendees recall and comprehend the meeting’s main points.

Build Meaningful Relationships

Participating in a video conference can help you form important connections. However, attendees should approach a video conversation like a physical meeting to make it more entertaining and engaging.

When you’re on a conference call, make sure you offer each person your entire attention. Keep in mind that face-to-face encounters and socializing contribute to a stronger sense of social belonging and maintaining positive business ties.


By employing video conferencing to connect with participants remotely instead of internal, in-person meetings, business owners may save money on construction and maintenance expenditures. A video-based conference also saves money on travel by allowing employees to communicate face-to-face and online from the comfort of their own homes.

Saves Time

One of the major corporate benefits of video conferencing is the reduction of travel or commute time. A conference host may help assure a successful virtual meeting—one that takes place in a well-organized, regulated environment, reducing travel and lodging expenditures. Furthermore, video technology allows participants to exchange digital presentations from all around the world instantly.

Reliable and Streamlined Communication

Teams need collaboration tools that allow them to connect online and collaborate on projects via screen sharing, real-time texting, and video conferencing.

Nowadays, you may give employees more high-quality and dependable video conferencing, especially if you integrate it with technology. There are a number of platforms available today that provide advanced technical solutions that improve meeting productivity and efficiency.

Increases Efficiency & Productivity

Today’s businesses rely on technology to remotely link their employees and improve cooperation across remote personnel. Employees will feel a sense of purpose in the business when they collaborate, which may assist boost productivity.

In a poll of over 1,300 business executives from various age groups and sectors, at least 43% stated video conferencing had increased team productivity while they were in separate places. It is much easier to share papers on the screen for inspection during a video conference than in a face-to-face meeting.

Every virtual conference should conclude with the distribution of papers containing action items to the workgroup members. Instead, we recommend that businesses employ cloud-based file-sharing servers to ensure smooth information transfers.

Quick and Easy Meeting Scheduling

Participants are more likely to attend more sessions if they do not have to travel to attend a meeting. As a result, attending a video conference rather than an in-person meeting can increase meeting attendance.

This approach also makes it easy to create meeting schedules with your team. They simply need to record the meeting date and time without taking into account the time spent commuting, which is especially important when dealing with busy executives and higher-ups.

Accurate and Consistent Records

With video conferencing, you may record meetings and play them back later to remind everyone of what was discussed and agreed upon. As a result, no one will have to miss any important business meetings.

Meanwhile, managers want documents to which they may turn to monitor and understand how the company has performed.

Set Up Live & Virtual Events

You can also organize virtual events and live streams where audiences can be present physically or via VoIP using video conferencing. This one-to-many communication style allows the event host to facilitate the meeting and distribute the presentation to other guests.

Better Engagement Than Teleconferencing Solutions

Taking part in a video conference is significantly more interesting than participating in an audio conference. Attendees are less likely to be distracted or undertake other things in video conferencing than they are in the latter. As a result, intentionally integrating some methods can boost attendee engagement, especially when encouraging everyone to participate in a virtual meeting.

Connects Remote Team and Build Culture

Team diversity helps you create high-performing, inclusive teams that are critical to your firm’s success. With video conferencing, you may expand and diversify your distance crew. You may, for example, create completely working employee teams in your own nation or in various regions of the world.

Promotes Work-Life Balance That Helps Retain Employees

People like companies that allow them to work from anywhere they desire. The capacity to deliver tasks remotely via video conferencing is critical to the workforce’s performance while also fostering a work-life balance culture. Another advantage of video conferencing is that it allows you to have a regular work schedule while reducing travel time for people who drive to work every day.

Superior Learning Experience for Employees

Use video conferencing to conduct realistic remote training sessions. In addition, they use virtual conferencing capabilities to allow users to learn and engage with people outside of their employment.

You may manage the messages you wish to express at general meetings or training programs by creating training films. You’ll be able to give a consistent presentation to all guests this way.

Videos are also more entertaining because they provide a more immersive sensory experience. Employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than read a report (Source: Forrester Research).

Recording and Playback Options

In addition to having video conferencing to hold a meeting or training, you also possess the ability to record and replay any previously recorded training. This way, participants can pause, slow down, or repeat any training films and instantly return to the presentation to learn at their own speed.

Wrapping Up

We hope you are convinced about adding video conferencing as a communication tool for your business. For the next part, if you are looking for a customized VoIP-based video conferencing solution for your business, get in touch with VSPL’s experts to demo the best video conferencing for small businesses.

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