When it comes to your dog, you always want to do best by them – that includes feeding them the healthiest food, giving the softest blankets to sleep on and buying the coolest and most fun toys to play with. Bath time should be no different and the products you use, like natural dog shampoo, must be held to the same standard. Ultimately, washing your pup typically seems to go one of two ways: your dog either loves the bath and cooperates with washing, or they desperately hate bath time and finds the experience quite traumatic. The good news is that if your dog dislikes baths, there are many tricks to help ease this experience for them, from the dog shampoo you use, to the temperature of the bath water. We’ve got you covered.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?
As a dog owner, you know your pup doesn’t stay clean for very long, but the question is: how often should you wash your dog? Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple universal answer because every dog is different, and that specifically means their skin and fur is unique to them. A few factors to take into consideration for creating a washing schedule are the length of your dog’s fur and if they have any skin conditions. Just like washing human hair varies from person to person, the same goes for your dog – what works for someone else and their pet, might not work for you and yours.

If you have a dog that loves to play outside and gets dirty often, you might need to rinse more frequently, but you shouldn’t wash with shampoo too often. Over-washing can happen, and this will dry out your dog’s skin and cause them irritation. Vets recommend washing your dog once a month, so that their skin has time to build up natural oils that keeps their coat healthy and shiny.

Tips to Make Bath Time Easier for Your Pup
First things first, your dog has to feel comfortable in the tub before you bathe them. That means teaching them to jump in and out, and sitting while there is water running. This will make bathing much easier for you and less stressful for them. Next, when you’re ready to start washing, make sure the temperature is just right, not too hot that you scalp their skin. Lastly, be sure to give treats and play after bath time is complete!

Importance of Using Natural Dog Shampoo
Although dogs groom themselves to some extent, they still need bathing to help them stay clean and healthy. While there are many dog shampoos on the market, but you’ll want to use a natural dog shampoo like oatmeal and honey dog shampoo. This kind of shampoo deeply washes away dirt and grime, while leaving the skin nourished and fur soft and shiny. Products that use chemical ingredients are more likely to cause skin irritation and will make bath time a frightening experience. And remember, you can’t use human shampoo either! A natural shampoo is the best way to go to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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