Umrah is the worship in Islam that is similar to Hajj and is performed in Makkah from where Islam originated. Islam has rewarded Muslims with so many kinds of unbelievable blessings that have great reward. In the same Umrah is also a worship of Allah that has uncountable blessings. Muslims make their journey to the holiest places of world for performing this blessed worship by booking with cheap Umrah packages 2022.

Sunnah of Holy Prophet:

There is no any worship of Islam that is not taught practically by the Last Prophet. He taught each and everything practically for the easiness of his ummah. Umrah is the worship that was performed by our Holy Prophet. He showed the way of performing Umrah and today all the Muslims follow his way with respect and love. As Holy Prophet performed two Umrahs in his Life, Umrah is the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet.

Blessings and benefits of Umrah:

It is enough for the love of Muslims to visit all the loved places of Islam. But Islam has also given the opportunity of performing worships in those sacred places. It is not less than a big reward for Muslims. It is the freshness of souls of Muslims. Performing worship in the sacred places is better than performing worship in all the places of the world. It is not obligatory because all the Muslims cannot afford the expenses of Umrah. It is for those who can easily afford its expenses.

Importance in the light of Hadith:

Hazrat Muhammad PBUH not only performed the Umrah but also informed the Muslims about the importance and blessings of Umrah. No one can deny these rewards of Umrah. Holy Prophet said that he who performs Umrah gets all of his sins erased. Muslims do not ignore this saying of Holy Prophet because his every saying is always truth. All the Muslims believe in the saying of Hazrat Muhammad.

According to the saying of our Prophet, Umrah is considered as Jihad for females as males fight for the welfare of Ummah. There are also many benefits of Umrah that cannot be neglected. It is the best doing of Islam and is not an ordinary worship. As all the Muslims know that Islam is the religion of welfare and peace for humanity, it recommends those acts that are for the favor of human beings.

Social benefits of Umrah:

Umrah does not only provide the benefits to single person for his doing but it also shows its positive impacts in society. Umrah ends poverty and also creates a unity among Muslims of not only a same country but with the Muslims of other countries also. Following are its social

• Ends poverty
• Creates unity among Muslims
• Equality among all the Muslims
• It gives reward of Jihad
• Pilgrims become guest of Allah
• Provides peace
• Whole journey becomes a practical teaching
• Benefits in world
• Way of starting trade among different countries

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