Hajj is obligatory for every Muslim but what should one do if he is not in a state to perform Hajj? There is always a way out. If you are unable to perform Hajj, you can ask someone else to perform it on your behalf. This is known as 'Hajj e Badal'.

Hajj e Badal is the Hajj done on behalf of a physically unfit person or someone who has already passed away. The person performing the Hajj e Badal is known as the 'Mahmoor' and the person on whose behalf the Hajj is being performed is known as the 'Aamir'. However, there are several things that you should know before you perform Hajj e Badal. So if you want to perform Hajj e Badal, you must first educate yourself about the various aspects of this particular ritual. To make things simple, here are some important thinks to know:

Only Hajj e Qiran or Hajj e Ifrad can be performed by the Mahmoor. Hajj e Tamattu is not recommended. Hajj e Tamattu is only advisable, if the heirs are performing Hajj e Badal for their deceased parents.

• The Qurbani (animal sacrifice) has to be done at the expense of the Mahmoor and not the Aamir.

• A person who has not performed Hajj himself can go for Hajj e Badal.

• The Mahmoor is not allowed to perform Hajj for himself when he is performing Hajj e Badal for someone else.

• It is a must that the Mahmoor performs Hajj e Badal with full dedication, since the Hajj for the Aamir will not be accepted if there are discrepancies.

Not only men, even women are allowed to perform Hajj e Badal for other women or men. If a woman is performing Hajj e Badal, she need not be accompanied by her Mahram. So if you are willing to perform Hajj on behalf of anyone else, it is necessary that you take prior concern (if the person is alive).

There are number of Hajj travel agents offer Alhijaz Hajj travel agents Packages 2016 For families for people performing Hajj e Badal. They can also help you with further information, if required. So before embarking on this auspicious journey, make sure you educate yourself about every aspect of Hajj so that you can perform the rituals successfully with full dedication.

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