It has long been a source of amazement how marriage between incompatible signs of the zodiac can quickly turn disharmonious just because the parties involved have not checked their zodiac matching. On-lookers have often been startled by the disagreements and possible split-ups of partners who, individually, are thoroughly nice people, but when married are objectionable.

The glamor of courtship is not always a good way to test long-term understanding. Little wonder then, that marriage has been called a gamble. One way to improve your odds is by making sure that you and your partner are the best zodiac match.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four groups of three (triplicities) as below:

The Fire Triplicity Aries : Leo-Sagittarius

The Water Triplicity : Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces

The Earth Triplicity : Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn

The Air Triplicity : Gemini –Libra-Aquarius

People who belong in the fiery triplicity, for instance, are as different from those who belong in the watery triplicity as fire is different from water; the air people are entirely unlike the earth folks, and so on.

So when people born in the Fire, Earth, Air and Water domains show the qualities of their triplicities we can easily see how an unhappy marriage may come about from trying to bring together the incompatible elements.

For instance, those born in the domains of Fire and Water should not wed as water will put out fire, but fire can have little effect upon water. Marriage in these domains usually splutter and spatter, with hissing and steam – metaphorically, of course.

Fire and earth get along better together. The earth is cold, and desires and benefits from the vitalizing and vivifying flame; and fire is happy to to give of itself. However even with this association great care is needed, as fire is impulsive and dominant, even domineering, and wants a quick response, which the earth is not always ready to give. Before bringing together these domains in marriage it’s judicious to research the signs under which they were born, with thought in relation to how easily they can adapt to each other.

Fire and air do not unfailingly make a harmonious combination. They have the same inspirational desires and aims, but the two are explosive, and it can happen that the innate independence of air, as well as its scattering qualities, stops it from coming satisfactorily under the influences of fire. Those from these domains make good companions and neighbors, and are splendid workers in all reforming movements. Marriage is advised between certain signs in these domains, and additional exhaustive advice should be looked into.

Earth and Air are not especially congenial elements. Earth takes Air as a matter of course, and Air is liable to feel superior as the breath of life.

Earth and Water combine fairly well, although mud is sometimes the outcome. Nevertheless, water moulds the earths so if these elements come together the outcome can be all those things that make the world harmonious to live in.

Air and Water are always more or less clashing elements in the marriage relationship. Air people scatte

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r, and Water people are restless. They have no more affinity for each other than a robin and a goldfish, an eagle and a whale.

The above comments have only been able to allude to at the possibilities, and have not been able to discuss all possible combinations so concerned parties should enquire further into these topics and draw their own


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