The companies, after increasing the speed of Internet and social media use by people, decided to use social media to become increasingly popular in terms of their gang strategies, positioning, marketing activities, services, and feedback. of customers, implementation of e-CRM and the like. . People use social media to communicate, share their ideas, and use the flow of information and other means to post information about themselves.

Although the use of the internet, many social media and internet tools had emerged since the 1990s, it was not popular. Recently, through the development of social networks in a friendly environment and with less complexity in terms of operation for people, this service (social network service) has become part of people's lives.

In terms of clarifying the analysis on customer satisfaction, customer retention and customer relationship management and customer feedback, social media plays a critical role. As a result, companies have attempted to use social media services to better serve customers and achieve various other goals. Most companies recognized that social networking sites (SNS) like Napster, Facebook and Twitter, etc. are the best places to highlight their brand image through which they can increase their market share and sustainability. .

What is a social network?
It is considered as a platform through which social relationships between people will be built and the exchange of information will be facilitated. Through social networking sites, personal information and relationships can be shared and users can stay in touch.

Most SNSs provide a personal page to post, the ability to search for friends, and other topics, such as updating profile and personal details, and have the ability to restrict or hide information mentioned by the owner of the page from the eyes public or specific people.

These online facilities (SNS) have improved the movements of people in online tasks, especially in the aforementioned social networks in order to maintain friendships regardless of distance (geographical limitation). Not only that, but it also enables people to find better jobs and partners.

Regarding the acceptance of these sites by people, companies have been interested in becoming involved in this process through which they can sell their products and services and better satisfy the needs and desires of customers and, through analysis From consumer buying patterns and feedback, they can fine tune into your decision-making process as well as your strategies.

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Reaching a target market has changed and is not only limited to transmission and printing, but has also reached the Internet.