Resume skills play an important role in getting you selected for any particular job. As you know that employers are quite busy people and they don’t have time to read your application completely, you need to catch attention of the employers in those 15-20 seconds. For this, the details presented in your CV should be exactly those expected for the job.
Employer may set some requirements for the particular job. You need to know these requirements and necessary qualifications before you write our job application. Design your resume sample according to these requirements to get attention from recruiters. Employer generally goes through the career objective and skills section in your CV. Hence, it is important to list the skills that are expected by the employer for the applied job. They are required for selling you in the job market. Remember that there are many other applicants applying for the same position and if you possess most appropriate job skills, you will obviously be the most preferred candidate for the job.
Importance of Skills in your CV
In olden days, when candidates were hired for any job, they were first trained in the work, taught with necessary job skills and then they were allowed to work. This process wasted a lot of time. In today’s competitive world, employers don’t wish to waste time on training the candidates and making them acquainted with the job relevant traits. They mostly prefer the candidates having experience in the field or either having some idea of the work profile. Such candidates require less time for getting trained in their work. Hence, they are mostly preferred by the recruiters.
Skills will help you in your work and improve your efficiency and performance. Every individual possess certain set of skills. These may or may not be relevant to the applied job position. You don’t have to worry if you don’t possess job specific skills. You can transform your transferable talent to match the requirements of your prospective job. You can explain to the employer how your transferable skills will help you in your work.
Important Job Skills:
• Communication
• Leadership
• Team Work
• Decision making and Problem Solving
• Initiative
• Interpersonal Skills
• Self Motivated
• Flexibility/ adaptability
• Management
• Public Relation
They can be categorized into two parts: soft skills and technical skills. Technical knowledge is required for many jobs, for example, network administrator needs knowledge of different network topologies, hardware, software, etc. Hence, you need to separate this section whenever necessary. Soft skills like interpersonal skills, good communication, etc. are required for a receptionist job.
Your job skills will highlight you in the job market and get you noticed by the employer. You can use the power words/ keywords to represent your particular skill. Many employers now a days use automated short listing systems to choose the appropriate candidates from hundreds of resumes received. These systems will short list the CVs depending on the job relevant keywords included in your CV. Hence, including such power words will benefit you even if employer is using such technique for selecting the applicants.
The mentioned skills are generally required for all job positions. They can be transformed to match the prospective job profile; hence they are also called as transferable skills. Knowing the requirements of the particular job, you can easily draft a wining CV making proper use of your skills to get noticed by your resume

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