Who is called a Divorcee?

Divorce is the legal end of a marriage. If a couple decides to end its togetherness because of any issues, they can apply for a divorce on family courts. When the court approves the divorce, both men and women are called divorcee. They are free to marry another person and there will not be any relationship between the two. But still they can marry again with mutual agreement. If they have any children, the court will decide on the custody of the kids.
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Why Remarriage Is Important For a Divorcee women in Telugu?

Pressure from society

Since most of the Indian mature people are not capable of understanding the importance of self-esteem and personal comfortability, a divorced woman in Telugu could have to face many issues. People see her as a wrong woman who does not know to live peacefully with her husband. Most of the criticisms or blames will go to the women for the divorce, and she will be considered guilty for almost anything. This view of society, including the relatives of the woman, will hurt her if she remains single after divorce.

Financial security

You cannot be sure all the divorced women will be capable of going to work and surviving on their own. So, women who were financially dependent on their partners should get ready for a second marriage to survive. Although there is a way to live with her parents. She cannot live a dignified life being single in her house for a long time.

Social Security

In this modern era, the security of women is in question. Within the evil society that provides no security for teenage girls and other adults, it is more tragic for a divorcee to be free. She could get security for life is she marries another man after getting a divorce.

Have a family to love

Most of the divorcees are being single because they hate their past experiences. The past life may have gone wrong because of choosing a person that they do not love. But they should have a family to share their love with. If they select a better person this time, they can live happily. Being single for the rest of life may take away all the happiness from the person.

For your children (if any)

Being a single parent is the worst thing to happen in everyone’s life. You may have differences in opinion with your ex-husband. So, you would have decided to separate from him. But if you have any children, legal custody will come in. If you get the custody of your kid, it will be tragic for both you and the kid. You cannot manage to raise the kid all by yourself, and the kid will miss the fatherly character throughout his life.

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