It is hard to imagine pharmaceutical industry without the contribution of packaging and labeling services. The products manufactured to resolve health issues would be of no use if they are not packed and labeled appropriately. Above just packaging and labeling what matters the most is their quality. It is vital for any pharma product that it remains in its original form and maintains it quality until it reaches the hands of end users. Packaging and labeling are two individual activities that have to be performed as per their significance.

For packaging operation, there are certain regulatory requirements that have to be fulfilled, such as suitability, safety, protection, compatibility, Quality Control, supplier and stability. Medicinal contents are often very sensitive towards external elements such as light and moisture. Hence, workers have to ensure that there are once the product is packed it is completely safe from direct exposure to light and moisture. Simultaneously, the worker also have to be concerned about the fact that the product is sealed properly so that it doesn’t get exposed to reactive gases like Oxygen, as this might lead to dangerous consequences. Moreover, if any leakage is found, it might result into loss of solvent and raise a question on sterility and closure integrity of the container.

Labeling on the other hand is one of the crucial factors that determines the safety and integrity of the product. This operation includes both printing on the carton and leaflets provided individually with the pharma products. The primary purpose of labeling is to make identification of the product clear and unambiguous. Just like packaging, there are certain guidelines and regulatory for printing on labels. If the service is unable to fulfill such requirements then certainly its services have failed to meet the set regulations and are not up to the industry standard.

There are few basic yet important information are printed on the labels which includes manufacturing date, expiry date, number of doses, composition, bar codes and several other related data. Each of them is important and even a small misprint can lead to dire consequences. Labeling information is important for both health care professionals and patients to prescribe and consume, respectively. This is crucial also because people have an obvious belief on medicinal company that they will provide right information on the product. Again, this is a dangerous sign.

The success and failure of any product depends on how they are presented to the end users, especially if it is a medicine. Certainly, packaging and labeling plays an important role in health care domain.

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