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If we look at high-level athletes, where performance demands are highest, the role of diet is decisive in meeting the demands of the sport. Achieving and planning a diet for an athlete requires various knowledge of the sport practiced its characteristics, energy demands ... as well as the subject itself (body composition, etc.). The nutritional satisfaction of this athlete must be carried out taking into account the periods of training, competition, recovery, etc. In each of these, the energy requirements of the subject may have different objectives.

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We will focus here on establishing guidelines for nutrition performed after the competition, with the aim of achieving a speedy recovery of the individual. We must take into account the characteristics of the sport practiced to know which is the most used energy substrate, the relevance of macronutrients, caloric expenditure, etc. To get proper calorie you can intake Boost very high calorie.

The role of proteins in sport is varied. It can serve as an energy source (among many other functions) and, mainly, it maintains and forms the mass free of fat or muscle mass. Likewise, its intake depends largely on the exercise performed. Therefore, we understand that in sports with high doses of strength, protein intake should be higher than other forms of exercise. Boost very high calorie have 22g proteins.

Due to its importance, the protein intake after exercise must be taken into account (depending on the exercise) to compensate for the deficits caused by the practice of physical activity. The combination of amino acids with carbohydrates can help us to compensate for both macronutrients (carbohydrates and proteins). Likewise, after activity with high strength requirements such as aerobic endurance, amino acid uptake is maximum if it is ingested immediately after finishing the effort (López-Chicharro and Fernández, 2006).

Role of vitamins, minerals, and water in physical activity
A lot of research shows the role of vitamins and minerals in sport. Among them, authors such as Lukaski (2004) indicate that there is a decrease in both physical and psychological performance when the levels of these micronutrients are considerably reduced. Even so, it has not been possible to establish exactly the specific requirements for athletes. Therefore, they should make at least the recommended intakes for the rest of the population. With all this, after the practice, it will be of vital importance an intake that contains the necessary amounts to compensate for the deficits caused by exercise.

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Water represents between 50 and 70% of total body weight. To maintain the daily water balance, it is necessary that the intake is equivalent to the loss. The first drink that should be ingested both before, during, and after the practice should be water. Although various studies have shown how certain drinks with carbohydrates, electrolytes, and water can have a positive effect on the body. You can also try Boost Breeze nutritional drink that provides 530 calories, 22 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals per 8 fl oz serving.

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