For those who have to constantly attend foreign client meetings and interact them over phone or video conferencing regarding products or services, learning Norwegian language can do wonders. With the number of Norwegian investors increasing in India with more of them finding India as a lucrative destination for business, it is quite handy to develop fluency in the language.

A typical Norwegian language course in Kolkata will teach students the grammar and vocabulary of the language. It will help them to strengthen core areas of the language and gain insight to the culture, customs, and literature of the popular Scandinavian country. By undertaking classes in Norwegian language, professionals and entrepreneurs will develop the confidence to deal with clients hailing from Oslo as well as come up with unique presentations for their business. They will also be able to meet the clients by traveling all the way to Oslo, the capital of Norway and give their presentations and attend their conference creating a lasting impression.

Even those working in international BPOs and attend calls over phone from Norwegian clients over phone for selling company's products and services will find the course very useful. They can work as customer care executives or voice process agents to resolve their queries and address their grievances.

How the course would help in business?

Whether it is a working professional or businessman, entrepreneur or public relation officer, a Norwegian language course is perfect for honing conversational skills and improving fluency and pronunciation. The classes on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary will help learners to gain confidence in speaking with the correct accent while interacting with the clients and stakeholders from Norway. It will help them to create a good impression and seal the deal in the first attempt itself.

There are also classes in the Norwegian language course in Kolkata that focus on developing writing skills. This would help corporate staff and employees to write proper e-mails, letters, and business correspondences with grammatical accuracy in Norwegian language. The classes will also expose students to new words and phrases in Norwegian which they can utilize while speaking and writing.

The lessons and lectures will be provided by the best trainers and faculties. They will leave no stone unturned to come up with the best tips and suggestions in the training to hone both verbal and written communication skills of the candidates enrolling for the course.

The online version of the course will facilitate the professionals and entrepreneurs alike and will help them to learn without leaving their job. Lessons will be delivered by video and audio format. There will also be interactive classes which will be led by instructors. There will be both recorded and live streaming lectures and students will be able to get their doubts cleared through Skype, Google Meet and other video conferencing sessions.

There is also traditional face to face classes that take place in a proper classroom setting. However, it may be not be ideal for those who are working or have a business as they have to devote a lot of time in attending the classes.

Join IITT Language Academy for taking classes in Norwegian language

IITT is delighted to introduce fundamental, diploma and advanced diploma Norwegian language courses for beginners and advanced level students. The courses cover latest learning modules and students will be trained by best faculties.

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Laxmon Gope is a renowned freelance content writer and digital marketing specialist. Prior to writing this article on Norwegian language course in Kolkata, he also worked as a foreign language professor and researcher in a reputed university.