In Islam Niyyah is very important before commencing any good deed. Niyyah makes you dedicated for your work and you cannot do any work properly without it. It is the thinking for the worship of Allah. As Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH has said about Niyyah that actions depend on intentions. Your intentions show the dedication for your work. Umrah Experts offers cheap Hajj and Umrah packages to prepare you for your Hajj and Umrah.

Niyyah for Umrah:

When you are going to perform Umrah you should have good intentions for your journey and for your whole Umrah. Umrah without Niyyah cannot be performed in a better way. When you have good Niyyah for your Umrah, you get a comfort of mind and also get the happiness of Allah. For Umrah you should have intentions of getting happiness of Allah Almighty.

Umrah, A religious journey:

When you make the intentions of journey for Umrah, you are going on a religious journey. Think of all the conditions and also keep in mind the impact of acts during Umrah. Following are the impacts of acts during Umrah. As wearing of Ihram represents the simplicity, in the same way you should have the intention of simplicity in your hearts.

Only happiness of Allah:

Umrah should be performed only for gaining the love, kindness and happiness of Allah Almighty. No other greed should be in the hearts of Muslims. If Umrah is performed with another intention then it may not be accepted by Allah Almighty. When you have good Niyyah for your Umrah, you are blessed by Allah and also you get comfort and peace of mind.

Intention of visiting the holiest places:

When you are going to plan your journey for Umrah, you should have love for all the holiest places of Islam. Keen desire for visiting all those sites where Holy Prophet has spent his whole life make your faith more strong. You see all the sites with your own eyes that enhances love in your heart. Makkah and Madinah are the cities from where Islam originated. Love for these cities is the part of faith.

Preparation for the Day of Judgment:

On the Day of Judgment all the Muslims will be answerable for their deeds. Muslims spend their whole life for getting the happiness of Allah and for preparing themselves for the Day of Judgment. Different kinds of Umrah Pilgrimage Package from England are available for the Muslims of UK. Umrah is the way of getting rid form all the sins. Therefore Muslims should have intention of preparation for the Day of Judgment.

Unity of Muslims:

Positive thinking plays an important part in the lives of Muslims. Umrah is the way of gathering all the Muslims in a single place to judge one another. All the Muslims wear same dress and perform same acts that represents equality among all human beings. Umrah gives a chance to understand the feelings of other Muslim brothers. Having Niyyah of Muslim unity makes you stronger and whole Ummah becomes united. Prepare yourself for Umrah with all the good intentions discussed above.

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Abdul Maaz is well-organized and professional travel Agent for Hajj and Umrah. He is well experienced and skilled in consultancy about the cheap Hajj and Umrah Packages at Umrah Experts.