What are the fire watch guards?
Guards who are assigned the task of covering the fire watch should timely and thorough patrols to ensure that the entire area is free from any fire hazards and no danger afterward, known as Fire Watch Guards. They are on-duty when there is any public event happening or a fire alarm has failed. They make sure no mishappenings take place, and the event goes on smoothly without any casualty. There are many reasons you should always hire a fire watch guard at your event and not worry about the fire blowing up the event's whole setup.

Role of fire watch guards
A good company will train its watch guards properly to tackle any possible situation at the event spot. Here are some roles that good fires watch guard plays.

• Prevention: We all know that to prevent a casualty is far better than finding its cure. A skilled watch guard is trained enough to prevent the outbreak from smartly. It doesn't make a difference if the guard is on a particular location or patrolling. He should always be looking out for any spark that may cause a fire. They ensure that all the exits are clear and there is nothing inflammable kept near heat, and the corridors are not crowded so that people can evacuate in emergency conditions.
• Appropriate measures: If there is a fire, the guards are supposed to go to the fire alarm and check if it blew up by the fire alarm to make sure alarms are not malfunctioning. Once they have confirmed a fire, they call the authorities and the fire department and thus work with their fellow guards to tackle the situation.
• Evacuation: This is a tough yet crucial part of any fire casualty. In this case, the guards direct the crowd to the nearest exit and save as many lives as possible.

When should you hire fire watch guards?
You must know that in what situation or circumstance you might need a fire watch guard.
• Construction sites: Construction sites are in danger, especially when woodwork is going the site. Wood catches fire very easily and thus becomes a threat to the site. This is where you need to have a fire watch guard at your service to ensure nothing goes wrong, and the construction gets completed without any casualty.
• Non-functioning fire alarms: Wherever a commercial site or property has a non-functioning fire alarm, or an alarm installed, repaired, or replaces, you should have Fire Watch Guards to ensure that no fire gets caught up until the fire alarm starts working.
• Water supply interruption: Any place where the fire is laid off by the water sprinkler system and the supply is interrupted should call a fire watch guard to keep a check on the place until the water supply is in the run again.
• Extreme fire hazard probability: A place where dangerous chemicals are stored may catch up fire anytime. These places need an all-time on-duty fire watch guard.

Is it necessary to have fire watch guards?
Nothing is a necessity until you feel it. If you are organizing a public event or having any of the situations listed earlier, you would likely have Fire Watch Guards to keep checks on everything happening smoothly. They can be the reason for your event going on without any bad news of a fire outbreak. So yes, it is advised you hire a fire watch guard and do your job without worrying about what bad might happen and ruin your event.

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We all know that to prevent a casualty is far better than finding its cure. A skilled watch guard is trained enough to prevent the outbreak from smartly.