With the current hype around weight loss diet plans, people seem to have almost forgotten that undereating can lead to health issues. It’s okay to watch your diet, and everyone should do that for a healthy lifestyle, but skipping your meals or undereating is not a way to lose weight. This is especially important for pregnant ladies that are carrying another life inside of them.

This is the time when your body needs the right nutrients. Eating well during pregnancy is important, but what’s more important is giving your body the nutrients it needs for your baby’s growth.

Importance of Eating Well During Each Trimester

Pregnancy is probably the only time in a woman’s life when gaining weight is appreciated. People ask you to eat healthy snacks every few hours. People stock their refrigerators with all the healthy and delicious foods, but when morning sickness strikes, you almost lose your appetite. Have you ever heard a woman complain about not wanting to eat her favorite snacks during pregnancy? Even the smell of food makes you feel like vomiting.

The first sign you are eating well during pregnancy is gaining weight. Your body needs a lot of right nutrients and a considerable amount of energy. In your first trimester, the fetus is extremely small and undergoing embryo genesis(development of the embryo). It is important to take the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your gynecologists. You can visit Dr. Sujata Rathod, senior gynecologist in Thane, Vartak Nagar.

Once the first trimester ends, the doctor will recommend weight gain at least one to one and a half kilograms every month to keep the fetus healthy. You may have to consult Dr. Sujata who will refer you to a dietician for a diet plan during your second and third trimester, as the mother’s appropriate weight gain is necessary for the baby’s mental and physical development. It is important to consult an Obstetrician if you aren’t keeping up with the weight management plan.

Impact of Your Diet on the Fetus

Your body needs a lot of strength and the right nutrients to grow another body inside your womb. So, not eating well during this time might lead to weakness in muscles, malnutrition, and deteriorating health. During pregnancy, you are supposed to gain weight by eating appropriately which will in turn provide your baby with essential nutrients and vitamins for perfect growth. Never follow your regular diet plan for losing a few extra pounds during pregnancy. Even if you are overweight, you need to have a proper diet plan in place to ensure a healthy fetus.

You are the sole source of nutrition for your growing fetus. The nutritional requirement of the fetus increases as the pregnancy progresses . It will give your baby the fuel it needs to grow well. The first few weeks of your pregnancy are crucial, as that’s when the spinal cord and brain of your fetus grow. Most of the abnormalities in babies occur due to the improper development of their spine and other organs.

For all your antenatal guidance, and further management of your pregnancy, consider visiting the maternity hospital in Vartak Nagar, Thane. Dr.Sujata Rathod will guide you throughout your pregnancy right from the first trimester to the delivery and thereafter as well. Consider her as a one stop solution for your pregnancy journey

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