One of the most important reasons that digital marketing takes up conventional marketing platforms is that the internet has allowed companies to connect in real-time with specific audiences. Customers have become accustomed to getting involved and engaging with one's brand or company.

Digital marketing 's position is essential to business development because you find potential customers online. If they can't find you online, they may believe your business doesn't seem legitimate.

If you have a small business or start-up to invest in traditional marketing techniques with no assets or capitalization, that's okay! The only thing you need is a Digital Marketing strategy.

Let's explain the importance of digital marketing in business:-

1. It provides small and medium businesses to compete and attract their targeted traffic easily.
2. It is an effective marketing channel for small businesses and startups as they have limited resources and budget
3. It delivers conversions by measuring the percentage of the incoming traffic which gets converted to sales, leads, and subscribers
4. Higher conversion rates eventually mean more profit in terms of higher revenues
5. It helps you to interact with your audience
6. Digital Marketing builds brand reputation
7. Provides better ROI on your investments
8. Digital marketers can make use of innovative ways to fascinate people to take action using call-to-action
9. Digital Marketing ensures online business survival
10. It lets you establish a personal rapport with your customers be it through social media or email marketing.

Digital Marketing basically promotes or builds product or service awareness with your target audience via digital media.

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