Nowadays digital marketing is a very important part of creating a successful business. It helps you set up your brand in the marketplace, engaging with consumers, building brand loyalty, differentiating your business, and providing many other benefits.

Digital marketing includes advertising your company through digital platforms, including social media, blogs, newsletters, online advertising, search engines, and cell phones. They are quite different from traditional ads, which require certain innovative technology to be used.

Digital Marketing is the branding of your products through digital technology. An effective strategy for digital marketing advances the business goals of a company.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Business:

1. Cost-effective-
One of the main benefits of online marketing is its cost-effective nature. Digital marketing helps save you time and get more leads.
Businesses that have minimal resources and manpower should take advantage of digital approaches to get better leads. Promoting and selling a company with online ads would be simple and you can feel light on the pockets.

2. Build Brand Reputation
Digital marketing helps to build a good reputation for your product in the market. It is important to be regularly in contact with your customers particularly after-sale or introducing your product to the market. Interacting with users gives you the opportunity to get market feedback on how your product or service is performing.

3. Reach your Target Audience
Digital Marketing also helps to sell your product to the target audience. When an organization, through digital media, achieves a large online presence, it becomes even more available to customers. Interacting with the company through social media, email, blog comments, SMS messages, and so forth becomes simple for a customer.

4. Improves your conversion rate
One of the prominent advantages of digital marketing is that it helps to increase your conversion rate. You can increase the conversion rate by investing in online marketing techniques, such as conversion rate optimization (CRO).
It helps to focus on people who are more likely to be interested in your business which helps to increase chances of earning conversion.

Top Digital Marketing Trends for 2020 That Businesses Should adopt

1. Content Marketing- For this year Content Marketing is going to rule this year. Customized content in different content forms is creating a great impact and we can’t deny it.

2. Social Media Marketing- Social networks will continue to thrive in 2020. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram in particular will be doing incredibly well. This year, even messenger marketing will become the norm. Whatsapp's new management of the catalog would be groundbreaking for small businesses.

3. Video Marketing- Videos are gaining popularity, and the lesser audience relies on written content. A good and optimized video can get higher reach.

4. Email marketing by newsletters helps to create daily connections with the audience.

5. Consumer Engagement Strategy- Spread awareness of your products by creating campaigns or ads which help customers to know about your products.

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