Once the customers like the product and make up their minds to buy it, the very next thing they want to know is by when they will receive the product.

When customers shop during festivals, holidays, or any special occasion, they want the product to be delivered to them by a specific day. Or else, what is the point of having it when the moment is gone? 

If you want your customers to feel satisfied and happy with your service, it becomes mandatory to deliver orders on time.

But your customers might still not buy the product even if you deliver your orders on time. The reason here is simple. Customers might want the order on a specific date. Your delivery date might not work for them, maybe they are not home.

Even though you are doing everything right, you might still lose a customer because you don’t let them choose their preferred delivery date.

Magento store's default feature does not have one that allows customers to choose the delivery date. So, you can invest in an extension. Magento 2 delivery date extension might change the way you offer customer service.

Find out how you can elevate the whole customer experience using a simple plugin.

Freedom to Choose a Delivery Date

In times when same-day and next-day delivery concepts are booming, it is not possible for every business to offer the same.

The products you sell might not permit you to do so as the preparation time is longer or you don’t have a warehouse across the state for quick deliveries.

The reason can be any, but customers might demand such facilities. To compensate for this, you can allow your customers to choose the delivery date of the order. Not just date, there is also an option to offer delivery time slots so that customers know exactly when their product will arrive.

When you integrate Magento 2 delivery date extension with your Magento store, you unlock all these functionalities. Your customers can now select the desired delivery date. Once they select the delivery date, they will be shown available time slots to choose from. 

Thus, customers have full control over the delivery of the product. This works best for customers who might not be available all day to receive the package.

Customizable Backend

Admins have full control over what to show and how much to show in the front end. For example, you might need two days of time to prepare an order and ship. Admins can restrict the number of days that goes behind preparing and shipping the order from the backend. So, customers can only select the dates after two dates from the current date.

The same logic goes with time slots. You can customize time slots day-wise. Moreover, you can also restrict the dates and time slots once they exceed the number of orders assigned on the date. Thus, this will control the number of orders you can handle in a day. 

To add more clarity on what their (customer’s) next step should be, the extension displays messages after every action. For example, once the customer chooses the delivery date, the message saying choose your preferred time slot will be displayed. If a customer tries to choose a restricted date, a message showing, please choose another date will be displayed. All these messages are customizable, giving the admin full control of all features. You can also restrict the time slot section if you wish to.


If your business is growing and your customers love what you sell, offering the best customer service should be part of your business goal. You don’t need to get these features developed for your store. Development takes time and is even costly. The better option is to buy an extension. These ready-to-use plugins are stable and developed by experienced developers, plus you get all these features the very moment you purchase them, so no waiting!

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder & CEO of AppJetty, a digital software products store specializing in extensions, plugins and apps for host of software platforms like Magento, WordPress, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Odoo, Dynamics CRM, etc.