Many nurse aides are already working in the healthcare industry but do not have a valid license. They think that it is not worth investing their time and money in a certification course. This opinion needs to be changed a little because a recent survey shows that nurse aides who have a license to practice are paid more than those who do not.

Having a license will prove to an employer tat you have had a training from a good place and you are capable of what you say. So your license is a proof of your capability and knowledge. The license programs provides training for several other things like communication, handling patients with certain types of medical conditions etc. They are more likely to be aware of the conditions that they are likely to face a lawsuit by a client or a patient. So CNA license is very important when you start looking for a job.

As the job market is very competent, your license makes you distinguishable from the rest of the crowd. A prospective employer would prefer candidates who have a license. While hiring a nurse aide, these people can do CNA license verification to check if you have a valid license. This will add credibility to your resume. It very difficult to trace past employers, but it is quite easy to search for certification on the website of the nursing board of the state.

After you are offered a job, you may not plan to stay in the same position forever; you would like to see career growth in either the same organization you are working for, or in the next organization. A license proves to your employer that you have potential and are capable. So you would have better chances to get promotion if you have a license.

Many states require that if you have to get Level II CNA certification, you need to have license of Level I CNA certification. This means that if you have to study further and improve your chances getting better paid jobs, you should have a license.

The nurse aides who wish to relocate to another state have to get CNA license transfer. For this, they should have their name placed on the registry of the state board of nursing and their license should be in good standing. When you relocate from one state to another, your license helps you to get a job and you are able to work even after relocating.

After you get your license, it remains valid for the next 2 years. CNA license renewal should be done regularly before it lapses, or else you will have to take the entire CNA program and then take the competency program to get your license again.

The importance of CNA license, therefore should not be undermined. It improves your chances of getting hired, paves of way for your growth path in the future and also helps you when you relocate to another state. As the demand for the nurse aides has increased in the past few years, so has the demand for professionals who are qualified to do the job. Your license proves that you are competent for your job.

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