Over 95% of US households use a chimney. Statista’s 2018 survey reveals that the 127.59 million households are there in America. So, imagine how many chimneys are in use throughout the country and what luck we would have if half of them were ready enough to cause a fire.
Each year, chimney fires occur and take a serious toll on both lives and properties. Following are the average numbers revealed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to show us the consequences which a poorly maintained chimney may invite.
• 25,100 chimney fires
• 30 deaths
• Loss of $126.1 million in property
After learning the scary stats, you might be looking to know what causes these mishaps. Well, a chimney that hasn’t been swept in years has already become a potential source of fire accidents. So, how can you deal with it? The answer is you give it a ‘good sweep’.
The importance of chimney sweep goes far beyond this one particular factor. There’re several other benefits which will make you think about doing it every year.

7 Reasons to Help You Know the Importance of Chimney Sweep
According to both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), households should opt for chimney inspections at least once a year, and professional chimney sweeping services have to be contacted for the jobs. Following are the points that make it clear why.

Chimney Fire Prevention
Any appliance that burns fossils makes way for residues like soot, creosote, etc. in the chimney flue ad masonry. A dirty chamber allows these elements to build up and get thick with time, and then, just a little amount of burning embers or heat may spark a fire that can accompany a temperature as high as 2,000 degrees and bring disaster upon your entire household including the lives of your family. So, the chimney needs to be swept thoroughly so that those residues can be removed.

Prevention of Corrosion
Talking about the notoriety of soot or creosote, these substances are acidic and thus harmful to the health of your chimney metal and mortar. A chimney that is left untreated or unswept for years loses its integrity of construction over time due to the corrosion of its materials.

Help with the Inspection
When it’s time to do a thorough inspection of the chimney, you need to be able to get a view of the entire flue up to the end cap. It becomes easy with a chimney free of obstructions like any sort of buildup or mass.

Smoke and Odor Management
When a chimney picks up bad elements like the above two, its diameter decreases and the capacity to let the smoke out properly reduces subsequently. The smoke may even enter your home due to the loss of the right direction, which is unlikely with a cleaned and swept chimney.
The ills of creosote are felt more obviously during rainy/wet days as it delivers awful odor being accumulated and trapped inside.

Increased Heating Efficiency
A well-maintained chimney allows the wood to receive abundant oxygen. This way the wood burns more efficiently. The buildup of unwanted substances interferes with the optimum draft essential for regular heating. Acting as a bad insulator for your chimney, soot or creosote restricts the amount of heat that has been produced from entering your living space. Thus, a clogged chimney is the reason for less efficient heating system that results in poor output but higher bills.

Prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Carbon monoxide, an odorless and invisible gas, is one of the several byproducts of fire, which can be life-threatening to humans causing symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, headache, and nausea in case of frequent exposure. Even pets aren’t safe from the harms.
The lack of a good ventilation system may cause this dangerous gas to reside inside your home. Cleaning the chimney should increase the efficiency of its airflow system and remove the flammable poison through the chimney.

Pest Control
An unvisited chimney can be the breeding ground for many pests, critters, and other crawling organisms. Sweeping actions not only clean the way but also rid your chimney of these nagging creatures.

So, you see that the importance of chimney sweep is directly associated with your wellbeing which may make it all the more essential for you to do it on your own. Even with the required chimney sweep tools, the task may not be very congenial as it might seem. So, you’ll eventually discover that a professional who has the right chimney sweep kit and experience is better suited for the job.
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