Many a times, you might have found that there are certain unexpected things that happen to your data and even your systems might be equipped with the most fault tolerant servers and also storage systems, there still might be chances that your data might get vulnerable to a host of other threats such as administrative errors or application failure and sometimes due to data center outages. Moreover, if you have stored a single copy of your data in your system, you can no way ensure the recovery in cases of a disaster or other unforeseen events. Remember that losing important and crucial data can be quite costly than equipping your systems for necessary application protection software to ensure an easy recovery in case of critical situations.

If you search the web, you can various companies offering solutions on application protection and security of the applications that are available in commercial encryption solution for various business applications such as customer relationship management, human capital management and enterprise resource planning. Such services let you safeguard your business critical information by replicating data so that it can be restored quickly when the software is seamlessly put into service during planned system maintenance. Choosing a proficient and reputable provide will let you ensure that your most recent data is available for recovery.

MySQL provides asynchronous replication of the data in which a master database server is replicated to one or more slave servers. This can be an important application during uninformed loss of data and also allows you to spread the workload across multiple servers without corrupting the master server and distributing data across long distances. MySQL Data Replication is usually performed through the binary logs, which contain all the statements that update the data regularly. The main function of the master server is to record all the necessary statements, in which the server is configured in a way that it can easily receive a copy of the log. On the other hand the slave servers that have been installed can be configured to execute the entire log or probably only a portion of the same.

MySQL Data Replication usually requires the use of two machines, which is usually to ensure that you will always have a working copy of your database. As mentioned earlier, these two machines can be termed as master and slave server in which the master is the machine that holds all the original database and the slave machine consist of the entire replicated database.

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