As the digitalization of every commercial sector takes place slowly and surely around the world, healthcare is no exception to this. So how exactly can digitalizing your clinical practice be beneficial?
The greatest challenge of up-scaling, sustaining, and efficiently running a clinic or hospital is always to maximize outcomes, minimize the use of extinguishable resources such as time and money, to reduce human error and non-compliance and to yield optimum patient satisfaction and revenue.
This is exactly where the revolutionary concepts of information technology (IT) can help to technologically solve these challenges to a great extent.
The clinic/hospital management system is generally a touch and voice-based software that runs on your smartphones, computers, or tabs.
This software helps to digitalize your clinical operations including appointments, patient registry, employee attendance, medical records storage, payments, lab inventories, consent forms, prescriptions, and everything else that might require human resources and paperwork!
The following are some of the key features of Curie’s clinic management system:
• Easy Practice: A touch and voice-based software that helps run your clinical practice more productively. Saves time increases efficiency and revenue.

• Medical Records: Safe and secure storage of patient vitals, history, assessment, prescription, charting, and more. These records can easily be retrieved while tele-consulting patients.

• High Patient Engagement: Connect with your patients better through digital tools that provide predictable care, making sure they are taken care of. Improved patient satisfaction. Regular reminders and notifications to keep them in the loop.

• Real-time Interaction: Steady stream of patient flow and no more long hours of waiting. Curie’s smart queue management seamlessly manages walk-ins, follow-ups, and tele-consulting sessions.

• Patient Retention: Know your patient’s behavior more through Curie’s reports. Curie can help you make sure patients turn up for appointments without fail. Missed appointments can be shifted online wherever feasible.
• Revenue Leakage: Data-driven insights into your maintenance and inventory cost expenses, to help you understand areas of improvement for your clinical practice.

• Branding & Marketing: Reach out to more patients, increase your local presence in your neighborhood. Run digital and physical marketing campaigns at the click of a button.

• Detailed Analytics: Drill down reports to analyze patient recall opportunities and automatic bot based alerts that notify on incoming and lost revenue opportunities.

• Easy appointment bookings

• Access any clinical data from your phone or laptop from anywhere in the world.

• Telemedicine platform to connect with local and international patients

If you do not have Curie for your clinical practice, this would be the best time to avoid any revenue losses due to the pandemic. Curie can help your practice significantly!

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