Technology is playing a main role in our daily life, and education is not far from the technology. Technology is getting updated day by day as the students learning experience and instructions of teaching.
Modern Schools have replaced white board with Computers and smart boards. It’s not about the schools, it’s part of our daily lives. Technology has become part of every student’s life. According to a recent survey, children 90% students are obsessed with phone and computers from 5 to 8 years. As technology is growing day by day, it updates more opportunities and challenges for the students of 9th class.
There are much fast and easier ways for communicating and collaborations have also enhanced the technology. Nowadays, technology has become so fast that in the past we didn’t imagine such things. Classroom walls are no longer a barrier for students, now students are so fast and socially connected. Their group projects are done in such an efficient way due to every minute communication and a huge piece of information available at internet.
Technology is such a utilizing tool that it can support and change the roles of teachers and learners. Just because of the access to internet students are able to guide the side of students take the responsibility for their own learning and gathering information through internet. Technology has made it easier for students to build interesting material to enable new ways for people to study efficiently and work hard. With the help of technology students have a huge reach to smart products internet and educational portal such as
Modern multimedia computer and programs are helping students to analyze themselves. So they cannot forget the importance of technology in education. As per most of the students gets engaged in social media where they caught themselves up in non-relevant stuff. However, using social networking are also a huge part of learning process can also have benefits. Students who are lack of confidence and introvert may open up and connect more with their respective teachers. It also affords students the opportunity to communicate and work together in a whole new way.
College students are connected to technology, including social media, smartphones, laptops and tablets. Technology in education has college with different benefits and compared to their younger counter parts.
So if you are a university student studying literature or a first grade student who is learning to read, technology is now an essential part of our education process.

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